Visitors to OLHS


Our Lady’s hosted a group of young people on an international evangelical mission on Friday. The group included visitors from Italy and Portugal who are part of a collection of 140 young people staying across Scotland, and ranged from babies in prams to adults.

Our school captains escorted the group around the school, guiding them through various classrooms, to the Zone, the Learning Support Base and the Library Resource Centre. The visitors were very impressed and commented that it would be great if every school in their own countries could be like Our Lady’s.

Through the translator, three of our guests also shared their story and their faith with a group of 6th year pupils.

We also exchanged gifts, with our visitors receiving school rosaries, and Our Lady’s receiving a beautiful crucifix.


OLHS Breakfast Club

Report from Mrs King and Mrs MacDonald

The Breakfast Club started back last week in the Citizens’ Cafe. There will be toast, cereal, juice, fruit and yogurt available. There is no charge.

Any pupil is welcome, but particularly S1 and S2 pupils, and those who find they don’t have time for a breakfast in the morning. Please pop in any time from 8.20am and give it us try.


Mrs Sinclair has recently been quoted in the Motherwell Times regarding our blazers.

This is Mrs Sinclair’s complete statement quoted in the press report. Any parents who wish to discuss the matter further, please contact the school on 01698 274925.

We have a strict uniform policy, which, I am delighted to say, is fully supported by parents/carers and pupils.

Visitors to our school comment very favourably on the ethos and uniform standards. In our inspection of January 2013 a key strength was,

“Respectful, well-behaved young people who are proud of their school and achieve well across an impressive range of in- and out-of-class activities.”

I believe that our pupils have pride in their uniform and our uniform policy means that pupils and parents are not under pressure to buy up to date and expensive items of clothing to school. We try to keep the costs down as much as possible.

We hold uniform nights in May where parents can purchase blazers from Academy Uniforms. However, parents are not obliged to use our supplier. Le Mirage in Manse Road also stock our blazer.

Currently we have a small supply of school badges so parents can instead buy a purple blazer of their own choosing and buy a school badge directly from the school.

We recycle blazers and other items of uniform. We let parents know that we have blazers available by sending out text messages. Many of them respond by sending in surplus items, while others come to school to get their child ‘fitted’ with a clean blazer in very good condition.

In addition, parents on low incomes can apply for clothing grants. The forms are available from the school and the information about this is in our school handbook.

Price for OLHS uniform (Academy Uniforms).

  • Blazers (include OLHS badge pre-embroidered on to the pocket)
    • Chest size up to 36 inches £56.00
    • Chest size over 38 inches £64.00.
  • Blouse £10.00
  • Twin Pack of shirts £12.00
  • Ties
    • S1 to S5 £3.00
    • 6th Year Ties £5.00.

Off to CERN!

Report from Mr Law

Congratulations and good wishes to Aidan Coates from Our Lady’s High as he begins final preparations for his trip to CERN. As a winner of the Ogden Trust/Glasgow University,“Elementary”, competition earlier this year he will be fortunate enough to gain experience of areas less accessible to the general public. Trip leader and particle Physics expert, Dr Aidan Robson from Glasgow University will lead the successful students and 2 accompanying teachers (including this extremely happy and grinning educator) on a journey of discovery in the scientific wonder lab that smashes subatomic particles together at speeds approaching the speed of light. Discovering why the universe works the way it does is of course not the only benefit of such scientific endeavours. CERN was also the birthplace of the world wide web … and so our use of the Internet.

A very early start from Glasgow University leads to Edinburgh Airport and a flight to Geneva in Switzerland. A possible bus and tram journey later will help students experience public transport in another country before arrival at the world renowned home of the Large Hadron Collider and its 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets. Accommodation at CERN and eating at the same cafeteria as the cream of the scientific particle physics community should certainly offer opportunities for plenty of questions. An itinerary that also includes visiting some experiments, particle accelerators and exhibitions as well as meeting up with postgraduate students from Glasgow and other British Universities should provide plenty of scope for career related inquiries as well as helping develop an understanding of quantum physics. A possible trip into Geneva will perhaps be the icing on the cake.

So thanks again for the sponsorship and an experience that may very well influence the career choices of our current crop of science students. There appears to be an increasing number of opportunities nowadays for those interested in STEM subjects to gain an understanding of how these subjects are used in the world outside school.

Servant Leadership Programme

(Waiting for a better report from one of the participants, but it’s a lovely picture so I wanted to post it anyway – Mrs Macfadyen)

2014_0826_leadershipFifteen pupils and two staff took part in the Servant Leadership Programme run by the Conforti Institute in Coatbridge.

Over two days, including an overnight stay, the group worked with Michael Canning to learn more about team building, being organised and the skills and qualities required not only to be a leader, but more importantly, to be a leader that provides a service to others.

All those who attended agreed that it was an outstanding event, with emotional highs and howls of laughter interspersed with silent contemplation and candlelit prayers.

Planning for university

Fifth & Sixth Year pupils aiming for a university course should sign up for an Open Day of their choice.

UCAS applications began today in the Library with Andrew House. Columba pupils will register tomorrow (Thursday), Margaret on Friday, and Sinclair on Monday. There will be a chance for anyone who missed out first time around to come along on Tuesday. The UCAS application form is very detailed and takes several hours to complete, so the earlier pupils make a start, the better.

Our Careers Advisor, Ruth Robertson, will also be available on Mondays and Fridays in the Library at lunchtime for anyone who wants advice or even just a guide to their options after school.

Latest Clubs

Lunchtime and after school clubs are recommencing after the holidays.

  • The S1-S3 book group takes place Tuesday lunchtimes in the Citizens’ Café at lunchtime.  New members are very welcome!
  • Mr Kerr is organising a Homework Club for all interested pupils during lunchtimes in the Support Base.
  • The PE Department are offering after school clubs for Basketball (Tuesdays), Badminton (Wednesdays) and Netball (Thursdays). Sign up in the Department.
  • The S1-3 Photography Club returns on Thursdays in the Library. Please see Mrs Macfadyen or Ms Steinert for details


Report from Miss Halket

Our Lady’s High Parent Teacher Association met for our AGM on Monday 25th August. Members introduced themselves and began planning for future events. Mrs Torrance, Mrs Quaid, Mrs Longmuir and Mrs Dunn kindly agreed to step into their new roles after our next meeting.

Our next meeting will sadly see Mrs McDevitt and Mrs Davis retire from their roles of Secretary and Treasurer. We are all extremely grateful for their dedication to our PTA and they will be sadly missed.

Our next meeting will be at the earlier time of 7pm on Monday 8th September at Our Lady’s High School. All new members warmly welcome.

Lessons from Auschwitz

Report from Mrs Letham

Two S6 pupils, Cerys Law and Gemma Grier, will represent OLHS this year in the Holocaust Educational Trusts programme called Lessons from Auschwitz.

Pupils will undertake a one day visit to Poland in October to visit the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau and will share their experiences with other pupils on their return.

Mass for Bothwellpark, Taylor and Our Lady’s High Schools

The Parent Councils have arranged a Mass for pupils, parents/carers and friends of the schools tonight at St Francis Xavier, Bellshill, 7.30pm, to pray for our schools at this time.

Please make every effort to attend with your family. Pupils are being asked to wear their uniforms.

Refreshments will be available afterwards.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

S3 visiting the Edinburgh International Book Festival

S3 visiting the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Mrs Macfadyen, Mrs Millar, Mrs Howieson, Mr Kerr and Mr Allan, accompanied by a host of 3rd year pupils, all attended the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Tuesday 19th August.

The first talk with author, Lari Don, focused on where ideas come from and encouraged suggestions of the downside to superpowers. Pupils commented that they enjoyed the interaction between the author and the audience.

The second talk featured a discussion between Tony Bradman, Linda Newbery and Paul Dowswell, who have all contributed to an anthology on World War I. Many pupils particularly enjoyed hearing the authors’ own stories and research about the war.

Others enjoyed the book shops and the chance to sit out on the grass relaxing at lunchtime, but everyone had a great day. Pupils’ thoughts will appear in the comments section.

SQA exam results

Our Lady’s is delighted with one of the best ever sets of results in the SQA exams.

Headteacher, Mrs Kathleen Sinclair, said,

“We are delighted with the resuts of the SQA exams, some of the best ever. Congratulations from everyone at Our Lady’s to all pupils who were so motivated to improve their results, and also my personal thanks to all the staff who worked so hard to help the pupils through the new National qualifications.”


Report from Miss Halket

Our Lady’s High School Parent Teacher Association will meet at our AGM on Monday 25th August at 7.30pm. We will meet in the conference room for around an hour with the focus on forthcoming events and the handover of roles.

We are always looking to increase our membership. The PTA meets on the second Monday evening of each month. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Welcome Back!

A sea of purple blazers is a beautiful thing :-) (yes it is!)

The new school term begins on Monday August 18th at 8.50pm. This is the first term we have worked a 33 period week

Any questions can be answered by telephoning the switchboad on 01698 274925 or contacting us by e-mail on

Just in case that all makes you miserable, the teachers have benn back two days already, and the technicians, office staff, janitors and librarian have been working even longer!