More Caritas!

Report from Miss McGinness

A group of S6 Caritas students met with Mark Booker from SCIAF to take part in the Talented Fundraisers project where they plan to use their gifts and talents to raise money for SCIAF!


Father Stephen Reilly from St Bernadettes Parish visited the school to meet with the Caritas group members who will be taking part in faith witness activities within his parish.


Football results

Report from Mrs McNeish

The first football results of the year areas follows:

  • Under 18 drew with Taylor High 3:3
  • Under 13 beat Taylor 4-2

We a re also delighted to announce that Luke Dickson and Aidan Burke have successfully made it into the Lanarkshire squad for under 15….fantastic achievement when you think of the amount of boys who tried out for this!


Last night, this year’s Caritas S6 were comissioned during Mass in Motherwell Cathedral and most of last years S6 Cathedral Parish Caritas Award recipients were there to support them. Afterwards everyone all went into the Chapel House where Monseignor Millar had laid on a lovely tea.

A number of this year’s Caritas S6 will also attended the Annual Vocations Mass in the Cathedral on Monday tonight along with Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Mulholland and Miss McGinness.

Referendum Debate

Senior pupils travelled to the Hydro in Glasgow to watch a referendum debate. 8,000 young people were invited from across Scotland, with 500 on the floor of the arena to ask questions and represent their colleagues.

Five of our pupils had questions prepared:

  • DC (No): How would Scotland defend itself if it went independent?
  • HS (Undecided): This question is for both Better Together and Yes Scotland. In the event of a victory for your campaign, how do you envisage the future of Scotland’s relationship with the European Union?
  • RM (No): In an independent Scotland can the “Yes” campaign guarantee that students will continue to have access to free tuition?
  • RH (Yes): If Scotland becomes independent, can Scottish citizens who work in the British forces keep their jobs, or would they have to relocate?
  • KR (Yes): With the UK government pursuing increasingly individualist policies, can the better together campaign guarantee that Scotland – as part of the union – would not suffer as a result of further public sector cuts?

Pupil opinions about the day:

“I enjoyed the debate as it was riveting and sparked debate amongst my peers”.

“It was a good experience to see a live debate in action”.

“The people attending the debate were very passionate and everyone was eager to contribute”.

“I found it unhelpful because I felt each side was simply trying to prove the other wrong, rather than promoting the arguments of their own campaign”.


Application forms for position of school prefect should be handed in to your PT Pupil Support by Monday 15th September.

Application forms are available for uplift in the Zone.

This is a great opportunity for all pupils in 6th year to help out and set an example for younger pupils, and it also looks great on your CV or UCAS personal statement.

Duties will involve occasional lunchtime supervision, dinner duties and yard duty.

WoSPEG Quiz 2014

Report from Mr Law

Congratulations to the team for progressing to the semi-final on the 8th October.  In the highest standard 1st round match I can recall, every single directed physics question was answered correctly by all the teams.  We were mainly separated on the buzzer questions on general knowledge, science and current affairs.

Although we came second to St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we pipped the High School of Glasgow by only 1 point.  Very close run contest.


  • Emily Tougher-Mitchell, 5S
  • Sophie Tougher-Mitchell, 5S
  • Owen Leach, 5C


  • Lewis Donnelly, 5M
  • Christopher McCarron, 5M

PTA meeting

The PTA’s latest meeting welcomed a number of new members, and made plans for several events over the coming months.

A quiz night is planned for some time in October, with a singalong closer to Christmas and a January ceilidh.

Retiring members, Frances McDevitt and Carol Davis both received flowers and a rosary as thanks for all of their hard work with the PTA over the previous years.

Junior GEL Conference

3rd year pupils, Dearbhla McCabe and Steffanie Liddell, accompanied by Miss McGinty, took part in the WildHearts Junior GEL Conference in RBS Headquarters at Gogarburn, Edinburgh last week.

GEL stands for Global Entrepreneurial Leaders and the conference featured a number of talks from entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and the Micro-Tyco school and university champions.

OLHS 3rd year pupils will all participate in Micro-Tyco during November.

Latest football news

Under-13, U14, U15, U18 and girls’ football teams have been selected and play their first matches this week.

We are also delighted to announce that five of our boys have got through the North Lanarkshire trials and are now trying out for the Lanarkshire schools team. Congratulations and good luck to Jamie Lester, Luke Dickson, Conor Boyle, Aidan Burke and Kenny Barr.

A message to our former pupils

Could all former pupils please check that they have returned all textbooks, equipment, library books and any other school property.

We would be grateful for all returned items, because there are new people doing al the classes you used to do, and it would be really handy for them to have the books and equipment that you’re carefully storing on our behalf.

So please check your old school bag, behind the chest of drawers, under the bed, and deliver any school books or school equipment you find to the school office. No questions asked, and it’ll be lovely to see you again!

Thanks :)

Coffee morning

The Personal Development Class recently held a coffee morning. Many thanks to everyone who helped, especially Mrs Zambonini and Mrs Evans.

Report from the Personal Development Class

On Tuesday 9th September, the 5th and 6th year Personal Development class held a coffee morning to the staff of Our Lady’s High School to raise money for the Little Princess Trust that makes wigs for girls who can’t grow their own hair. We also raised money for our Enterprise projects.

We not only held a coffee morning we baked the cakes, advertised, made and sold tickets so every member of staff knew we were having one.

First of all we had to decide the date, what food to make, visit Mrs Sinclair to ask if it was ok to have one, Then we had make and sell tickets to the staff, order the stock, ask for raffle prizes, make the food and then finally hold the coffee morning.

I think the whole thing was a success even though there was a few bowls smashed and arguments we still managed pull it off in the end. The only thing I wish we done better was talked more on the actual day because everyone was running around hectic and there was a few arguments because someone was where they shouldn’t have been but after all the hard work we pulled through in the end.



Cerys Burns in fifth year is having her beautiful hair cropped for charity, the Little Princess Trust.

Little Princess Trust is a charity which specialises in making ‘real hair’ wigs for children suffering from hair loss through cancer treatment.

Cerys’ aim is to collect up to £500 by September 27th when her hair will be cut short.

A sponsor sheet will be displayed in the zone. Please try to sponsor her in this challenge.

“Your country needs you”

The Quantum Theatre Company visited OLHS on Monday 1 September to perform their production of “Your Country Needs You“.  All pupils in S3 thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it will contribute to their understanding of the First World War in History and provide background for their studies of First World War poetry in English lessons.

Here are some of their thoughts:

Quantum Theatre came out to our school yesterday to perform an informative play for us about the beginnings of WW1. The production was a total of two men using hats, props and accents to portray the two sides of the great war. The men played an array of characters from posh English nobles and generals to German soldiers in the trench.

One word to describe the entirety of the show is enthusiastic. A lot of thought and planning must have gone into the story of the play and the actors were very good at switching from lower class private to a commander general to the Kaiser. I thought the play could have been more solemn though as WW1 was not an event to be made a mockery of, even if the play was to educate children.

I did enjoy the production to an extent. The acting and singing was good quality and some of the accents were superb. I wouldn’t recommend that particular theatre group unless it was for younger children. I feel we would have benefited from a more mature and informative play.

Yesterday we attended a WW1 play performed by Quantum Theatre Company.

The play was based on the events that happened leading up to the war and what happened during the war. The play was very beneficial to my English class especially because we are learning about poetry from the First World War. There were only two actors but between them they shared out all the parts. The play was very funny, however, they still managed to get across the main points.
They sang lots of songs and I actually learned some things from the songs! By the end of the play I felt more knowledgeable about World War 1.

Hannah D
Today we were lucky enough to see a theatre company perform a play about WW1. In the play they discussed different stories in the war about things like, the soldiers in the trenches, the German soldiers, the government and families still at home. The play had 2 actors playing a range of different characters. I learned lots of things like how the war started, when it started and when it finished.

Emma T
I thought that the play, which my year and I viewed on the 1st September was enjoyable and very informative. The hard work which must have been put in showed throughout the performance.

I thought that the play would have been a little bit better, if there were more actors playing the characters, in saying that, the 2 men who played the characters made the play enjoyable. The message of the play was very strong and I liked the fact that there were lots of different scenes with soldiers and commanders. I noticed that the main message of the play, was that there were no differences between the German soldiers and the British soldiers. I thought that the costumes were okay, but they could have been better and more realistic. Overall in conclusion, I think that the play was good and the message of the play was very meaningful. I would happily watch the play again because I learned lots of things I didn’t know about WW1.

Christopher W
Yesterday a company came to our school to present a play about World War 1. They told us everything about the War from how it began to the tactics right up to Christmas 1914.
I thought the play fell way below my expectations as I thought they would have told us about the whole thing instead of part of it. The actors did their jobs well but one or two of the accents were poor. The costumes looked fairly realistic and the props were good. The bulk of the audience were entertained and I learned a few things about WW1 and also the actors interacted with the audience well and conveyed the message of the play well. One thing that disappointed me was the distinct lack of mention of poppies or armistice day, two of the biggest symbols of the war.

Yesterday’s performance was very enjoyable. I thought it was very funny and had a good storyline. Although I thought that there should have been more actors to play the characters. I also think that there was a lot of facts and it was a bit too long. The actors played the parts very well and made it funny but also very thought provoking. It went through the story of WW1 very well and provided a lot of information. They made very quick changes between each part and used quite a lot of props. Overall the performance was very good but there should have been more actors and was just a bit too long.

Yesterday we watched a play about World War 1 by two men from Quantum Theatre. The play covered how many people died during the war and how people were affected by it. It also showed the points of view from Britain and Germany. The play was only made up of two men but changing characters throughout.

The two men sang lots of war songs during the play and added humour so it wasn’t always sad and serious. This play was very useful because we are learning about WW1 in English. The name of the play is Your Country Needs You.

Today we were lucky enough to watch a play based on World War 1 named “Your Country Needs You.” It was interesting to see parts of the war and build up being acted out. The actors were great at portraying different characters and using different accents as if they were from the other countries involved in the war, however I think it would be better id there was more than two actors because of the amount of characters being played and the prop changes could have gone a lot smoother. I learned facts that I didn’t know about the war like how the war started and the big need for British men in the army. I got an idea of what trenches were like for both sides of the army. Overall I thought it was a great performance and very worthwhile watching.

Visitors to OLHS


Our Lady’s hosted a group of young people on an international evangelical mission on Friday. The group included visitors from Italy and Portugal who are part of a collection of 140 young people staying across Scotland, and ranged from babies in prams to adults.

Our school captains escorted the group around the school, guiding them through various classrooms, to the Zone, the Learning Support Base and the Library Resource Centre. The visitors were very impressed and commented that it would be great if every school in their own countries could be like Our Lady’s.

Through the translator, three of our guests also shared their story and their faith with a group of 6th year pupils.

We also exchanged gifts, with our visitors receiving school rosaries, and Our Lady’s receiving a beautiful crucifix.


OLHS Breakfast Club

Report from Mrs King and Mrs MacDonald

The Breakfast Club started back last week in the Citizens’ Cafe. There will be toast, cereal, juice, fruit and yogurt available. There is no charge.

Any pupil is welcome, but particularly S1 and S2 pupils, and those who find they don’t have time for a breakfast in the morning. Please pop in any time from 8.20am and give it us try.


Mrs Sinclair has recently been quoted in the Motherwell Times regarding our blazers.

This is Mrs Sinclair’s complete statement quoted in the press report. Any parents who wish to discuss the matter further, please contact the school on 01698 274925.

We have a strict uniform policy, which, I am delighted to say, is fully supported by parents/carers and pupils.

Visitors to our school comment very favourably on the ethos and uniform standards. In our inspection of January 2013 a key strength was,

“Respectful, well-behaved young people who are proud of their school and achieve well across an impressive range of in- and out-of-class activities.”

I believe that our pupils have pride in their uniform and our uniform policy means that pupils and parents are not under pressure to buy up to date and expensive items of clothing to school. We try to keep the costs down as much as possible.

We hold uniform nights in May where parents can purchase blazers from Academy Uniforms. However, parents are not obliged to use our supplier. Le Mirage in Manse Road also stock our blazer.

Currently we have a small supply of school badges so parents can instead buy a purple blazer of their own choosing and buy a school badge directly from the school.

We recycle blazers and other items of uniform. We let parents know that we have blazers available by sending out text messages. Many of them respond by sending in surplus items, while others come to school to get their child ‘fitted’ with a clean blazer in very good condition.

In addition, parents on low incomes can apply for clothing grants. The forms are available from the school and the information about this is in our school handbook.

Price for OLHS uniform (Academy Uniforms).

  • Blazers (include OLHS badge pre-embroidered on to the pocket)
    • Chest size up to 36 inches £56.00
    • Chest size over 38 inches £64.00.
  • Blouse £10.00
  • Twin Pack of shirts £12.00
  • Ties
    • S1 to S5 £3.00
    • 6th Year Ties £5.00.