Titanic Project – Shipboard Lunch

The Titanic class organised a lunch for staff, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd class menus. Staff were asked to select a ticket at random, at which point our Titanic stewards appeared and asked to see their ticket, then escorted them to their seats (1st class), showed them the way (2nd) or pointed in the general direction of the right table (3rd).

The entire group also provided a welcome to staff, and explained that profits from the lunch would be donated to the RNLI.

Many thanks to Mrs Stemplis and Miss Carnegy from the Home Economics.

More Champions League

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Champions League Team Members

Bayern Munich: Patrick Pender (GK), Michael Verrecchia, Euan Whitehead, Raymond Ron, Luke Dickson (C), Dean Quinn, Mateusz Cymerman, Michael Caroll, Liam Campbell.

Paris Saint Germain: Chris Wilson (GK), Kieran Etherson, Matthew O’Neil, Conor Boyle (C), Marc Hobson, Michael Docherty, Reece Cathcart, Michael Costello.

Atlético Madrid: James Low (GK), Jon Joe O’Hanlon, Nathan Harbinson, Kenny Barr (C), Marc Crossan, Eryk Gnylewicz, Chris Reid, Connor Lynch, James Murphy, Evan Murphy.

Borussia Dortmund: Daniel Collins (GK), Marcus Groome, Kieran Leary, Ugonna Eriugo, Kian Marshall, Ronan Winton, Stephen Black, Paul Giwa, Chris Comerford (C), Wiktor Witkowski.

Real Madrid: Anthony Campbell (GK), Robbie Payne, Liam Milne, Conor Mullen, Mark McSorley, Eric Katat, Mark O’Rourke (C), Marc Marley, Matthew Robertson, Reagan McAuley.

Inter Milan: Ryan Kane (GK), Daniel MacLeod, Dylan Garmery, Geordan O’Brien, Euan Millar, Tony Weir (C), Adam Lynch, Ben Logue, Joe Lester, David Nugent.

Liverpool: Jamie Lester (GK), Paul Devlin, Nicholas McNally, Ryan Murphy, Shane Divers, Tommy Brierton, Aidan Burke (C), Connor Nisbet, Rhys Clarke.

Arsenal: Johnathan Rolwich (GK), Andrew McMahon, Bryan Boyle, Johnathan Sneddon, Joe McNally (C), Nathan Todd, Sean Cassidy, Paul Bradshaw, Connor Scullion, Michael Forsyth.

AC Milan: Ryan Nisbet (GK), Mark Ross, Aidan Beggs, Declan Sloan (C), Eamon Higgins, Adrian Monka, Liam Tonner, Connor Schuel, Greg McCluskey, Mark Kelman.

Barcelona: Mr McGrath, Mr Weir, Mr McHugh, Mr McLaughlin, Mrs King, Mr Sanza, Mr Macmaster, Miss Simpson (CC), Luisa McDonald, Kara Reid, Mystery Guest.

Footballers make the FINALS!!!

Congratulations to the OLHS U13s and U14s football teams who have both made it to the finals of their respective Scottish Plate.

Under 13 results

2015_0518_7342OLHS vs St Margaret’s RC HS  8-2 (Round 1)
St Augustine’s HS vs OLHS 4-1 (Round 2)
OLHS vs Woodmill HS 7-1 (Round 4)
Quarter final victory against Duncanrig HS vs OLHS 2-5
Semi-final victory against St Ambrose High School 2:1

TSB U13 Plate Final
Our Lady’s HS Motherwell v. Torry Academy, Aberdeen
Monday 1st June, Jeanfield Swifts, Perth, 7.00.

The U13s also won their Lanarkshire Secondary Schools League section, and have still to play in the semi-final

Under 14 results

2015_0518_7345Coatbridge HS vs OLHS 0-1 (Round 1)
OLHS vs Bo’ness 2-0 (Round 2)
OLHS vs Balfron HS 3-0 (Round 3)
Quarter final victory against Preston Lodge, 5-1
Semi-final victory against St Peter the Apostle, HS 2-0

TSB U14 Plate Final
Our Lady’s HS Motherwell v. Holyrood Sec, Glasgow
Tuesday 2nd June, Cambuslang Rangers, 7.00

The U14s also defeated Bellshill Academy in their final League game of the season 8-0, and won their Lanarkshire Secondary Schools League section as well!

Well done to both teams who have taken on much bigger schools, and coped extremely well, in some absolutely atrocious weather at times! Their attitude and work rate have been superb throughout.


Pupils and staff of both teams can hold their heads high and be proud of themselves.

OLHS Champions League 2015

Teams of staff and pupils fought for the honour of the OLHS Champions League Cup on Friday afternoon.

Each team took on the name of a famous European club: Barcelona, PSG, Liverpool, Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Arsenal and AC Milan.

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Congratulations to our own champions, Barcelona, who swept all before them and didn’t even cheat a wee bit!

S2/3 Strasbourg Trip

From Mr. Pégard

We are now completing our final preparations for the trip and we will need your assistance for a few things. A letter has been handed out to pupils with more details but I hope you will find the following summary of deadlines useful:

  • Friday 15 May: Address details on letter tear-off slip
  • Thursday 21 May: £10 for packed lunches from the Ferry Company
  • Thursday 27 May: order slip + payment for the school hoodie
  • Monday 1 June: Parental information night (6.30 pm)
  • Friday 5 June: EHIC cards
  • Wednesday 9 June: Passports (if required only)

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Maths Enterprise 2015

Report from Mrs Anderson

On Friday the 8th May the Maths Enterprise Day took place for all first year pupils. It was a very successful day and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the morning the pupils were put into teams and made their own team banner. They then took part in a variety of activities within the maths department. Favourites included the activities from ‘ITV’s The Cube’, building a tower, and the paper ring (where the record was 24 pupils inside one paper ring using nothing other than ONE sheet of A4 and a pair of scissors).

In the afternoon the pupils went to the Games Hall to take part in the Maths Challenge Relay. Pupils were set challenge questions and had to race to see which team could answer the most question and achieve the most points. In the end, after much frenzied and frantic running around, Team 10 were named the Champions with 270 points.

The winning team, Wiktor Witkowski, Daniel MacLeod, Dylan Kelvin, Weronika Kahl, Anam Rehman and Ewan Jeffrey, all received a gift voucher and the all the associated glory of being complete mathemagicians!!!!

Thanks also to all of the third year pupils who helped out:

P1/2/3/4: Damian Bonnar, Erin Burt, Molly Cuthbert, Luke Dickson, Saoirse Higham, Marc Hobson, Declan Kane, Rebecca McQuaid, Heather Nugent, Mark O’Rourke.

P5/6: Kenny Barr, Rhodri Bevan, Damian Bonnar, Jack Burnett, Erin Burt, Molly Cuthbert, Luke Dickson, Emma Dolan, Hannah Duddy, Saoirse Higham, Marc Hobson, Declan Kane, Ryan Kane, Kelsey Kearney, Jamie Lester, Dearbhla McCabe, Kate McDonald, Louise McLaughlin, Joseph McNally, Rebecca McQuaid, Eirinn Molloy, Heather Nugent, Mark O’Rourke, Patrick Quinn, Matthew Robertson, Kayleigh Rowatt, Niamh Simmonette, Euan Stevenson, Clare Thompson, Anthony Weir.

Titanic Project – Titan Crane visit

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As part of our interdiscplinary project on Titanic, ten 4th years accompanied by Mrs Mulholland and Mrs Macfadyen, headed for the Titan Crane at Clydebank, to learn more about shipbuilding processes and working conditions. We were worried that the winds would prevent us being able to climb up the crane, but it was much calmer in Clydebank, and after a safety warning, we headed up in the lift.

The first thing that caught everyone’s eyes was the fantastic views from the crane. Despite the weather, we could see for miles in all directions, including downwards as the solid mesh provides excellent and somewhat stomach churning glimpses of the concrete below. However, the views of the Rivers Clyde and Cart, the Erskine Bridge, Glasgow and Lanarkshire were far more interesting, as were the constant planes flying into Glasgow airport.

Not surprisingly, some of the group were a little nervous; others were more fascinated by how the original crane drivers managed to work without any of the essential safety equipment used nowadays. Staff explained that the drivers would often climb up the structure for speed and wandered around on the girders quite fearlessly. The drivers had to climb carrying their lunch and a bucket because they couldn’t come back down until the end of their shift.

The safety discussion started questions about how many people had died from the crane; perhaps surprisingly there are no records of any deaths at all, although, the guide added, that may be because they weren’t recorded. Then the group remembered that people go bungee jumping off the crane and begged for details. Bungee jumpers squeeze through a small door in the mesh fence around the platform and walk around to the end of the crane, a thought which turned most of our group off immediately.

The view allowed the pupils to see how large John Brown’s shipyard had been before it closed, a closure which hit Clydebank as badly as Motherwell was affected by the closure of Ravenscraig. The Titan Crane is the last remaining part of the yard, but was originally only one of several.

Back on land, Titan staff provided some background on the crane. It was built by William Arrol and Co, who also built the giant gantry for Titanic at Harland and Wolff. They showed us a photo of some of the men and boys who built the crane. Like the Titanic, the Titan was held together by rivets. Rivet squads were paid as a team: the heater passed white hot rivets to the boy, who would catch the rivets in a bucket of sand or leather gloves, or even long tongs, and pass them onto the holder-up; the holder-up passed the rivet through a hole in the steel plate for the riveter to batter.

Inside the visitor centre, the staff provided some history of the yard, discussing some of ships built there: the Lusitania, the Queen Mary, and the QE2. The following day was the centenary of the sinking of the Lusitania by U-boat during World War I, a reminder that the Titanic wasn’t the only disaster at sea. The team also noted that the shipyards mainly escaped the Clydebank Blitz during World War II, possibly because the bombers mistook rain shining on the long winding Dumbarton Road as the River Clyde.

It was a fascinating visit: we discovered a great deal about the life of a shipbuilder, made some further unexpected ties to Titanic, and found out a lot more about Scottish industry.

Our thanks to the team at the Titan Crane for their warm welcome and for sharing their knowledge.

Titanic Project – Scottish Maritime Museum – Denny Tank Visit

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Following the visit to the Titan Crane, the Titanic group headed for the Denny Experimental Tank at Dumbarton, part of the Scottish Maritime Museum.

The experimental tank was built by the Denny Brothers, the shipbuilding company famous for the Cutty Sark. The tank allowed the company to test hull designs before building the full size versions, giving them competitive advantage over other businesses. There’s even a direct connection with Titanic as the collapsible lifeboats were designed and tested at Dennys!

Museum staff explained how the tank worked, and demonstrated the towing equipment. The tank itself is 100m long and extremely deep. Emptying the tank took over a week! Pupils tried out the minitank which demonstrates how differently shaped hulls travel at slightly different speeds and are affected differently by waves.

Pupils learned how the paraffin wax hulls were created, before having a go at carving for themselves, although we had a bit of a weird moment when a certain nameless pupil compared the wax shavings to skin! You known who you are.

Heading upstairs, the group explored the drawing office, a wee treasure trove of tools used by the designers, equipment, including the graph paper making machine, and box after box of records, all beautifully handwritten. The 1887 advert for apprentices was quite someting, requiring applicants to sit exams for Maths, Theoretical Mechanics, Practical Plane and Solid Geometry and Mechanical Drawing.

We also learned some of the social history of the shipbuilders, including the fact that their wages were docked for spending too long in the toilet, or even for having too much tea! They had football teams and company events, and were a major part of life in Dumbarton. Their closure affected the town in the same way as the closure of Ravenscraig affected Motherwell.

Perhaps weirdest of all, we discovered that the company emblem was a blue elephant, which comes from Dumbarton’s coat of arms. Apparently, Dumbarton’s coat of arms features an elephant because Dumbarton Rock looks like an elephant. Apparently.

The Titanic Project

On Tuesday 4th May, a group of 4th year pupils will begin working on a three week interdisciplinary project about the RMS Titanic. Pupils will explore the story of the ship through online adventures, quizzes, educational visits, artwork, DVDs, visiting speakers and research, covering topics from ship-building to lunches aboard to the discovery of the wreck. They will investigate the people affected by TItanic’s story and debate ideas raised before creating an exhibition of everything they’ve discovered.

Departments from across OLHS have volunteered their expertise and assistance, including Art, Science, Social Subjects, Home Economics, RE, English, Modern Languages, the Library and our Careers Advisor.

The project is being managed by PT, Mrs Zambonini, DHT, Mrs Mulholland and LRC Manager, Mrs Macfadyen. Please contact any of them if you would like further information.

Sam Hepburn

2nd year pupils enjoyed a visit from author, Sam Hepburn, on her tour with the Scottish Book Trust.

Sam shared fascinating stories from her research, including Ukrainian prison tattoos, escape from flash floods, and Afghan warlords working in London pizza parlours. Throughout, she encouraged pupils to read as much as they could, from all genres and from real life.

She also discussed her love of crime stories, and how the authors can fool readers with misdirection, even explaining why red herrings are called red herrings!

Pupils asked all sorts of questions, about inspiration, characters and Sam’s work at the BBC, and queued up for photos and autographs.

Scottish Book Trust works to inspire readers and writers in Scotland, through Book Week Scotland, Authors Live, awards and author visits in schools.

Cheerio 6th year!

Report from Mrs Sinclair

The Leavers’ Mass was very moving indeed. Large numbers of parents, grandparents, friends and family came along. The choir performed beautifully as always and Fr King provided an uplifting sermon. All of our pupils received lovely rosary beads as a parting gift in memory of our patron, after which everyone enjoyed a fabulous lunch.

2015_0424_7201 2015_0424_7199Additional from Mrs Macfadyen

Apologies to those who came flying in at the last minute having gone elsewhere to get shirts signed.

Good luck in your exams and bring on the prom!

Yay YA+ 2015

Thirty pupils from 3rd year took part in the inaugural YAY YA+ event at Cumbernauld Theatre, which celebrated Young Adult authors living and working in Scotland. Organised by author, Kirkland Ciccone, pupils had the opportunity to meet with authors, Cathy MacPhail, Theresa Breslin, Barry Hutchison, Linda Strachan, Lari Don, Alex Nye, Matt Cartney, Roy Gill and Victoria Campbell.

Pupils found the discussions between authors fascinating, especially since they often didn’t agree with each other, and provided a range of views on how to write, what to read and whether to read the book before seeing a film! The selfie station was well used and there were plenty of photos and autographs collected.

Further reports will appear on the Library blog.

Football latest

The Under 14s won their last league game against Bellshill Academy 8-0, and also won their Scottish plate quarter final against Preston Lodge in Edinburgh, 5-1. This means that both our Under 14s and Under 13s through to the semi-final stages of their National tournaments, which is a tremendous achievement.

A big thank you to Mrs McNeish who has gone out in all weathers with our teams.

Staff and senior pupils are also planning the annual Champions League at Firpark, in which a number of teams play against each other, taking the names of big European teams for the honour of our Champions League Cup.

Sam Hepburn

Author, Sam Hepburn, will be visiting OLHS on Wednesday 29th April to speak to S2 pupils, as part of a Scottish Book Trust tour.

After the talk, Sam will sign copies of her books. If any pupils already own copies they can bring them along to be signed. Alternatively, you can also buy copies of Sam’s books on the day at the reduced price of £5. No-one is under any obligation to buy books but if you would like to, the organisers are able to accept cash and cheques (please make them out to Scottish Book Trust).

In addition, the Library has two sparkly new copies of Sam’s latest novel, If you were me, which will be won (and signed by Sam) by the pupils with the best questions on the day.

If you were me by Sam Hepburn

If you were me” tells the story of Aliya, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, and Dan, a British boy.

Aliya’s family escape to the UK after her brother, Behrouz, was put on a death list by the Taliban for acting as an interpreter for the British army in Afghanistan. Far from the ideal life she imagines, Aliya discovers life as an asylum seeker in Britain is very difficult, and struggles to cope with racism and horrible living conditions. Then her brother is caught up in an explosion and the police say he was a terrorist who accidentally set off one of his own bombs.

Meanwhile, Dan has been helping his Dad, a plumber who’s been working on the estate where Aliya lives. He’s seen a gun in Aliya’s house, but he’s also witnessed Behrouz being beaten up and knocked unconscious, and knows there’s more to the story than what’s on the news. But he’s also discovered that his Dad’s plumbing business is involved in some way. So when Aliya asks for help, he joins her attempts to clear Behrouz’s name, in the hope that he can clear his Dad too, and before the police find out.

Sam Hepburn website


Ben Nevis Climb

Report by Mrs King

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We had a fantastic day on Saturday climbing Ben Nevis for St Andrew’s Hospice. Although it was a gorgeous day we were not allowed to climb to the top due to the substantial quantity of snow and ice there which would have been extremely dangerous but we managed to get beyond the halfway mark and back down without incident.

The S5/S6 pupils were an absolute delight to be with and are a credit to themselves and the school too.They and the pupils from the other Lanarkshire Schools were praised for their positive attitude by both the hospice staff and also the Mountain Rescue Staff that were supporting us on the mountain.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored staff and pupils as I am sure once again, we will be able to donate a large sum of money to the Hospice. There is still an opportunity to donate money if anyone would like to support the cause.

A special mention goes  to MIss Moore, Mr McGrath, Miss Renwicks, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Mullholland who helped to make the day a very successful one.