Netball results

Report from Miss Simpson

Well done to the S1 and S2/3 netball teams who played their first home match of the season last night against Brannock HS.

The S1 team were 3-0 down after the first quarter however they demonstrated great resilience and team spirit to win the match 6-4 with Clare McVey scoring all six goals.  The S2/3 team played a very closely fought match and managed to sneak a draw in the latter stages of the last quarter to make the score 9-9.  Goals coming from Caris Hunter and Michaela Miller.

Special thanks go to Michaela Bennett, Robyn Leach, Amy Dunne, Amy Alexander and Holly McGuire for helping with the organisation, timing and scoring and Caitlin Kearney for coaching both of the teams.

Well done, girls, you did Our Lady’s proud!

Andrew House Class Reps

Representatives from each Andrew House class are holding their first House meeting today.

Class reps are:

  • 1A Mark Gillen and Kelsie Clifford
  • 2A Aidan Dunne and Olivia Latimer
  • 3A Caitlin O’Neill and Regan McNee
  • 4A Fatemeh Assar and Lauren McCann
  • 5A Kirstie Grimshaw and Nicole Clarkson
  • 6A Adam Bocheneck and Toni May McMillan

Young Carers

Report by Mrs Millar

Lynn Wilson, Schools Practitioner from Action For Children, has been conducting a series of talks with all S1 pupils from OLHS on being a Young Carer. Lynn has been informing young people about the project and showing how the staff can support young people and their families.

Young carers often undertake responsibilities which would usually be associated with an adult or parent. For many families the young carer’s role is vital in supporting the family unit. This can range from cooking and cleaning to helping with personal needs like washing and dressing and helping with siblings. For some young carers it can also include things such as managing the family budget, shopping, collecting prescriptions and dispensing medication, and providing emotional support. Often, young people who are providing care do not see themselves as “young carers”- It’s just a normal part of life for them.  We thank Lynn for educating our S1 about this important issue, and hope that as a community we give our Young Carers the support the deserve. #pollitolhs

Motherwell FC Reminiscence Project

OLHS is privileged to become involved in a project – organised by Motherwell FC Community Trust and Funded by bank of Scotland Foundation – aimed at older people who have dementia. Participants will be encouraged, through the topic of football, to share stories about their past.

The group will meet once a month, with pupils acting as buddies. The young people will speak to their buddies about common interests, ask about their past experiences and generally encourage them to share their stories. Highlights will be recorded in Memory Books will can then be revisited with help from the older person’s family and carers.

Professional training will be delivered by Alzheimer Scotland and Football Memories League for all volunteers- 40 to date.

Our hope is that a mutual interest in football will trigger happy memories and lead to enjoyable conversations between the generations! #pollitolhs

MSP visit

Graham Simpson, MSP, visited our Higher Politics class this week. Graham led discussion on his own journey into politics, conservatism in action in the UK and counter arguments in response to criticisms of conservatism. We are very grateful for the time he spent with us and the knowledge gained. This experience will undoubtedly help our young people as they progress through their studies. Our class now have the opportunity to engage in an exciting follow up task and we are very grateful for this opportunity. #pollitolhs

I think it’s safe to say that Mr Simpson enjoyed himself too.

What is Political Literacy

Report by Mrs Millar

What is Political Literacy? This is a question we will be answering over the next few months in Our Lady’s High School. Our new hashtag #pollitolhs will be appearing in many of our lessons this term, whatever the subject area. In fact, any time our pupils are giving their opinions about what is fair and what is not, thinking about their world, listening to other points of view, showing compassion for other people – they are developing the important skills and qualities involved in being politically literate. We want all our young people to become responsible citizens of a fair and honest society and we hope our #pollitolhs focus helps us achieve this aim – watch this hashtag!

Mock interviews

On Friday 7th October all S6 pupils took part in a Mock Interview, which followed on from the UCAS/Developing the Young Workforce day on 4th October. Pupils prepared application forms during PSHE and these were sent to interviewers prior to Friday, allowing them time to read the applications and formulate suitable questions.

The nine interviewers came from a variety of career backgrounds including IT, Publishing, Police, Accountancy, Electronics, Education and Science. The feedback from the interviewers was outstanding- in particular, they praised the preparation and confidence of our young people and all left our school with an extremely positive opinion of our S6 pupils: in the words of one interviewer the experience was “Life affirming.”

The pupils themselves found the experience very worthwhile and rewarding- a very practical example of how DYW is being successfully implemented in Our Lady’s High School.

Our thanks to all of our interviewers for their time and hard work.

Colin Fox visit


Colin Fox, National Co-Spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party, visited our Higher Politics class this week. Colin led discussion on his own understanding of socialism as a political theory, socialism in action in modern Scotland and counter arguments in response to criticisms of socialism. We are very grateful for the time he spent with us and the knowledge gained. This experience will undoubtedly help our young people as they progress through their studies.


On Tuesday 4th October, 40 S6 pupils accompanied by their Guidance teachers, spent a day dedicated to the UCAS process at the NLC Computer Centre based in Caldervale High School.

After discussing applications, interview techniques, courses and personal statements, participants used the computer suites to work undisturbed on their applications. Pupil feedback was very positive, particularly about the opportunity to spend a whole day concentrating on their own University applications without the interruptions of lessons!

Rewiring update

The whole of the bottom corridor as well as the Support for Learning base, the Pupil Support base, four sets of pupil toilets, and the RE department have now been re-wired.  New ceilings, LCD lights and beautifully painted walls have transformed these areas into a bright modern environment.  Staff pupils and visitors have all commented very favourably on the work to date and look forward to the whole school being refreshed.  The team has moved to the fourth floor and work has started on the Kamwokya Room as well as four Social Subjects areas. Work on this area of the school, where exams are held, will be completed in advance of the prelims in December.

Christmas Fair 26th November 2016

The Personal Development class will coordinate the fair which will be on Saturday 26th November in The Zone.  10 am – 12 pm.

We are looking for as many helpers and stall holders as possible, hopefully one from every department. Last year’s stalls included home baking, books, toys, Reindeer Food and Fairy Dust! Anyone out-with the school who would like a stall, please contact Mrs Zambonini.  Cost of a stall is £20.

S6 latest

Our S6 have been busy forming committees which will help them to develop the many skills needed as part of Scotland’s Young Work Force of the future, including leadership and team work. So far, we have groups dedicated to organising the S1 Halloween party and Clyde View Christmas party, their own Year Book and Prom in June, as well as souvenir Leavers’ Hoodies and fund raising in general.

Many of our senior pupils have worked hard to gain important leadership roles: this year, we have 2 school captains, 10 heads of house and 30 prefects.

We are also delighted that Grant Mackin has accepted a specific leadership role to promote pupil council and pupil voice. Grant has already shown his commitment to all things political through his organization, with Christopher Wilson of S5, of a very successful debate held in school in June on the EU Referendum, as well as his participation and success in Public Speaking and Debating competitions during his school career.

Meanwhile, 15 S6 pupils have trained as MVPs, Mentors for Violence Prevention, and they will start to deliver lessons to PSHE classes very soon. We also have 26 ambassadors for St Andrew’s hospice, many of whom took part in the recent 6K run.

An S6 leadership day will be held on 4th October for pupils applying through UCAS in the computer centre, Airdrie. The day will focus on the application process, personal statements, and preparation for mock interviews which are taking place on Friday 7th October. The rest of S6 will spend the day in school, taking part in a Developing the Young Workforce event.

Scullion Law Debating Competition

Grant Mackin and Christopher Wilson will be again representing the school in their first competitive debate of the year in the Scullion Law Schools Cup.

The dates for the rounds are:

  • First Round:   Wednesday, 12th of October 4.30 – 6pm
  • Semi Final: Tuesday, 1st of November 4.30pm – 6pm
  • Final: Tuesday, 22nd of November 6 – 8pm.

Good luck boys!

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh group set off on their two day practice expedition to Auchengillan, near Strathblane on September 20th and 21st.

Participants have been learning map reading and compass skills to help them with the expedition, which is one of four elements of the award.

The task itself is to navigate to the campsite carrying all food and equipment, set up camp, cook dinner and stay overnight.

So far, the group is showing all the signs of succeeding in the assessed expedition which will take place later in the year- probably just in time for the snow to start falling!


PSHE Latest

An important and enjoyable part of our PSHE programme is the use of visiting organisations and drama groups to challenge our pupils and to get them thinking about important issues. Already, we have seen Good Egg Drivers for S6, S2 and 3 have enjoyed Rich Cotterill and his band with an anti -drugs theme, whilst S1 have been the audience for Landed, an anti -smoking play.

Forthcoming events:

Thursday 17th November Baldy Bane Theatre Company with Nine Lives of Roddy Hogg for S1. Also on Thursday 17th November Friends Disunited will be performed for S5/6.

Young Ambassadors for Sport

Lucy McQuaid and Luke Dickson represented the school at the Young Ambassadors for Sport Conference which took place on September 14th at Hampden Park.

Lucy and Luke quickly got into the spirit of the day. They met several Commonwealth and Olympic athletes and sporting stars – Robbie Renwick, Eilidh Doyle (previously Childs), Colin Gregor, Caitlin McLatchie and Julie Fleeting.

They received lots of useful information regarding the role of a Young Ambassador and then were given the opportunity to come up with some ideas to bring back to their school.

In their Ambassador roles, Lucy and Luke will be leading a sub group working with the Active Schools Coordinator, and with volunteers acting as ambassadors for individual sports such as basketball, football, athletics and dance. Anyone who is interested in getting involved should see Lucy, Luke or Miss Simpson in P.E.

Christmas Fair 2016

The Personal Development class are coordinating this year’s Christmas Fair which will be on Saturday 26th November in The Zone from 10 am – 12 pm.

Last year’s stalls included home baking, books, toys, Reindeer Food, Fairy Dust and bric-a-brac along with Santa’s Grotto and a treasure hunt! Anyone outwith the school who would like a stall, please contact Mrs Zambonini.  Cost of a stall is £20.