Catalyst Awards 2007

A group of 3rd year pupils went along to the Catalyst Teenage Book Award today. We were also very lucky to have some plucky 6th years, prepared to plunge into the audience with microphones, regardless of their personal safety.

The eventual winner was Anthony MacGowan, with his book “Henry Tumour” (which is fab!), and so far I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about the event.

You can leave comments about Catalyst here.

The 6th year pupils. from the Advanced Higher English class, were especially enthralled with Melvin Burgess, who they now refer to as Unkie Melvis (!)


4 thoughts on “Catalyst Awards 2007

  1. A good opportunity that was interesting and insightful. It was also a great experience to be able to talk with the authors and see their frame of mind.

  2. We managed to get to the Civic Centre at about 9.30. Our little cohort of sixth years, and one little exalted first year.
    (She got a run in the car…We had to walk. Don’t tell me that isn’t favouritism!)
    Mark (me), Eamon (him), Stephen (the other him), Callum (The other, other him), Gemma (the him that’s a her) and Tony-Mari (the other him that’s a her) all went. We had fun hobnobbing with the authors.
    Some of us dished out four microphones at question time. Eamon’s face when I palmed mine off to him…priceless…

    Tony-Mari Read a little of Graham Mark’s “Tokyo” and was very impressive at it.

    Anyway, that’s what happened. So there.

  3. Can I point out that the restrained comments above are not an accurate reflection of the group, who practically danced into the LRC on their return because they’d had such a good time.

    I think they’re trying to be polite.

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