Fugitive caught!

The Andrew House Fugitive was apprehended shortly after period 2 this morning. 

Are you the Andrew House Fugitive?

Excitement was high across the school, with at least one innocent member of staff asked on 72 separate occasions if she was the guilty one, and 6th years pursued by determined 1st years (honest!)

Pupils paid £1 and received a sticker saying, “I’m searching for the Andrew House Fugitive” and followed clues left throughout the morning. The first clue “The Fugitive comes to Our Lady’s everyday” managed to dramatically heighten tension while providing practically no useful information whatsoever.

It was intriguing however, that Mrs Anne O’Donnell, normally seen bustling back and forth across the foyer, was mysteriously missing, while an earlier simple request for keys seemed to cause mild panic and indecision to cross her face. Hmm.

So congratualtions to Daniel Canning who managed to apprehend the reprobate Mrs O’Donnell, earning himself the bounty of £25.  And further congratulations to Andrew House who raised £110 with this event.


1 thought on “Fugitive caught!

  1. this was a fun day x
    especially the part that us first years were chasing the six years x :P:):O

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