Game of the season!


3C organised a sponsored basketball game for their Lenten Charity event. Pupils paid 50p to watch the staff kill the pupils (apparently).

Over to our special correspondent, Mrs Fitzpatrick.

It just goes to show that P. E. doggers (Mrs Kerr) don’t die! They just dig out their old gutties! Thanks to Mrs Kerr finding the skill and commitment she certainly didn’t possess when she was on the other side of the desk, the Staff team managed to defeat the S3 girls in the goal/hoop/basket filled extravaganza which was the Lenten Charities Basketball Game. Final score: 10-4 (or if Stephanie and Elizabeth are counting – 10-6)


There is no truth in the rumour that the Staff needed to lie down in a darkened room after the game!

Thanks to everyone who supported this event and helped raise £41 for SCIAF.

Teams: Mrs Anderson, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Mrs Kerr, Ms O’Donnell, Ms Murray, Ms Newman, Mrs McKay.

Stephanie Ferrie, Kimberley Toner, Caitlin Mullan, Sarah Clark, Erin McNally, Elizabeth Low and Amanda Miller.


3 thoughts on “Game of the season!

  1. I think you’ll find that the score was 10-6!
    The teachers cheated! Everytime anyone got the ball Mrs Kerr would tickle you ! Also there were a few injuries, for examplpe Mrs Anderson nearly took my friends eye out, she was left with a bruise on her face. Also my friend Jessica failed to turn up, she claims she wasn’t well. Most of the teachers were out of breath at the end due to the fact that most haven’t done P.E since the late 60’s ! The pupils should have won ! Well we would have won if it wasn’t for the P.E teachers. We’ll win next time !;-)

  2. This game was so fun but the teachers did cheat but i dont really mind it was fun and it was all for charity so well done to everybody who took part it was well worth it 🙂

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