Visit from Kamwokya

Our Lady’s was delighted to play host today to Mr Francis Mbazira, Director and Founder of the Kamwokya Christian Caring Community in Uganda.

Mr Mbazira and a fellow worker from Kamwokya, were accompanied by Mr Ian Menzies, School Coordinator for SCIAF. They were in Scotland to visit the four schools which are partnered with Kamwokya: Our Lady’s, Taylor High, Braidhurst High and All Saints in Glasgow.

During the day, our visitors took part in assemblies for 1st and 2nd year pupils. The assemblies featured European and Jambo music form the choir, a performance by the African drumming troupe and a slide show from Mr Mulrooney and Mrs Glover about their visit to Kamwokya. Mr Mbazira and Mr Menzies also took the opportunity to talk about Kamwokya and explain to pupils just how important their fundraising is for the community.

They also had a chance to see Citizenship education in action through a 3rd year Geography class with Mr Krawczyk, and a Higher Modern Studies class with Mrs McManus.


8 thoughts on “Visit from Kamwokya

  1. i thought that the visit from kamwokya was very interesting but sad at the same time. I didn’t quite realise how bad some places of the world looked until this vistit. It was very educational and was a good way to learn about other countries of the world.The way some of these people survive in these conditions are truly amazing, and they all look so happy even though the way they live.
    The money that the school raises it shows how good our money is to these people in kamwoya. i’m quite pleased that our school is partership with kamwoya as it shows how selfish we here can be and how we take everything for granted :):):):)

  2. I enjoyed the talk and i found out alot about the way people in Kamwokya live

  3. I thought the visit from the people from Kamwokya was very intresting and full of real facts.
    I really learned a lot about how they live,how they survive, basically their lifstyles.
    It was good to find out where the money the school raised was going:)
    Their talk was good but sad at the same time:(
    i hope their lives start to get better with the money we raise:D(L)

  4. im from cathedral and i think the activities are better than primary and you are given more choices.

  5. i think it helped us realise how lucky we actually are and that we should be grateful for what we have and they dont

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