Gideons International

1P3 happy to receive their Gideon testaments

1st year received a visit from Mr John Arbuckle and Mr Jim Weir from Gideons International today. The pupils learned how Gideons were founded and watched a DVD before being given a copy of the New Testament and Psalms each.

It also turns out Mr Arbuckle has known Fr Miller since he was wee. Unfortunately I can’t share any stories of what Fr Miller was like as a boy – Mr Arbuckle wouldn’t tell me any. Wonder why not?


22 thoughts on “Gideons International

  1. the talk was really interesting 🙂 well kind of
    the people read and talked to us about the bible and then gave us a red one 🙂
    the talk was another real fact one and it was good as we are a christian school :):P

  2. I enjoyed the talk:):P
    They gave us a red bible too 🙂
    they also showed us how to look up bible verses:)
    (Not that we dont already no:O:P)

  3. Hiiyahh :-] x

    I Thought The Talk Was Funn..!..x
    And Ye Got Ah Free Biible;wOop (h5)x

  4. Alrtyy (Y)
    The talk was rather amusing
    well for most of us anyway 🙂
    I got a free bible, yassssssss (h)

  5. Howdyy (k),
    The talk was good 8-):-)
    we got free bibles , yasss (h):-P
    Aha ^o).

  6. The Talk Was brill but……
    miss do you have any other pics of the talk :):):)

  7. Only have one other picture from the talk and it’s very similar to this one, just a bit darker.

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