Staff news – Mr McArthur

Interview by Clare Louise Verrecchia, Katie Tyrrell and Bobbie Nicol

Why are you leaving?
“I am leaving because I have got a new job as deputy head in a school in Glasgow.”

How many years have you been here?
“I have been here for 8 years and 8 months”

Do you have a favourite sport to play?
“I enjoy playing rugby and golf”

Do you have a favourite class to teach?
“I liked teaching my higher class and the new 3A but all of them are great to teach!”

Have you ever had a very bad injury?
“ I have had a couple! Such as….. broke an ankle, tore ligaments in both ankles, broke a leg, broke ribs, broke 3 fingers, dislocated knuckle, fractured 10 teeth, torn ligaments in shoulder, pulled disc in back, 90 stitches in different injuries altogether, knocked out cold 3 times and many more!!”

Have you enjoyed your time here?
“I have enjoyed my time here because the pupils always try their hardest and are VERY good!”

Did you always want to be a P.E. teacher?
“When I was younger my school P.E. teacher said I could and that’s how I got started!”

Thanks to Mr McArthur and good luck in your new job.

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