S1 retreats

Report by Erin O’Neill.

On 17th September 2008, the pupils of 1A were getting ready to get on the bus to begin their 20 minute bus journey to Newmains Pastoral Centre for a day of retreat. Many pupils, including me, were wondering what was waiting for us when we got there. It was nothing like we had imagined.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the smiling face of Sister Mary and led inside to a large room, where we were asked to take a seat. For the first part of the day, we talked about how each and every one of us sitting in that room was special and how we had good qualities.

Soon after that it was break time and we were free to roam the grounds. The grounds at the Centre were a magnificent sight and it was a beautiful day so that made it even better looking. There was a mini enclosed forest-type part of the garden where we could play if we wished. There were also seats so we could sit and eat our snack or enjoy the scenery.

After break, we all bundled back inside for the next part of the day. We watched a video about little wooden figures and how we shouldn’t let bad things stick to us. After that we had a discussion on what we had seen.

Soon it was lunchtime and the pupils were treated to a lunch of sausage and chips with a desert of ice cream and sprinkles. Yum!

Eventually the day was over and the pupils returned to school. When we arrived back at school, we had some time to reflect on what we had done during the day.

Everyone in the class had a lovely time and has fond memories of their retreat day.

Additional note from Mrs Macfadyen

All 1st years have taken part in retreats over the last couple of weeks at Newmains Pastoral Centre, organised by Ms Kane, Principal Teacher of Religious Education.

The focus of the event was “Who is Jesus?”, and looked at the importance of names, their origins and what they say about people. On some occasions, School Chaplain, Fr Stephen Miller, led the day, ably assisted by the 6th year Eucharistic Ministers.

19 thoughts on “S1 retreats

  1. I think the retret was briliant especialy at the break times when we all had a big game of hunts and we were running up and down the hill. I think the sausages were briliant and so was the beans but most of the girls didnt like what came afterwards

  2. Ithink that the Retreat was superb and I would defenetialy go again. I really liked the gardens and almost all of us played a big game of hunts which was superb. I also enjoyed the food there as it was extremely tasty. I would love to go agian but I know I probably can’t


    I enjoyed the fact that the garden was massive

    The sausages were absolutely brilliant




  5. Hiya the retreat was great and the food was great the garden was great u can go hundreds ae wee places n go hundreds ae other things a hive been there before wae catherdal n p6 so a no wit happins n the dvd wiz cool aboot the stars n black dots a thought it wiz funny abit erin thaat wiz a great story loved it tae bits
    Fae Tzana 🙂

  6. Hey, thank you for all the lovely comments,the sausages were really good, lol. Eh keep commenting, thanx Erin

  7. hey great report. the retreat was absoloutly great. the sauages were amazing and so was the massive garden and thefilm was kl too. from lauren x

  8. Thee retreat was brilll `!!

    Especially thee sauages they were thee best bitt a thinkkk :O

    Butt evryhinn else was nicee

    anways am awayyy

    byeeee 🙂

  9. hiie (L) x

    the mad retreat wiss rytt good

    wee hidd a rytt good game off huntss sammy lovedd theee foodd yasss mann

    Chloeee brownnn over andd outt (L) xx

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