Words Festival

The Words Festival takes place across North Lanarkshire from 30th September – 11th October. The focus is on books and writers with a huge number of authors ascending to North Lanarkshire libraries and schools.

Highlights for OLHS include the arrival of award winning authors Anthony McGowan, who will be speaking to AH English about the process of creative writing, and Berlie Doherty who will be addressing a group of 3rd year pupils. Ms Doherty will be discussing her book, Abela: the girl who saw lions, which has been shortlisted for the North Lanarkshire Catalyst Book Award. In addition, Mrs Mitchell’s 3rd year class will be attending the Catalyst Awards on 9th October, where our AH English class are helping out as guides and dedicated microphone holders.

The Catalyst Awards finalists are:
Zenith by Julie Bertagna
Abela: The Girl who saw Lions by Berlie Doherty
The Beast Within by Catherine MacPhail
From Where I Stand by Tabitha Suzuma

Other events of interest include graphic novelist, Mark Millar at Airdrie Town Hall on Saturday October 4th and Joan Lingard, who will be speaking at Wishaw Library on Saturday 11th October.

The complete programme is available from Mrs Macfadyen in the LRC or online here.


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