Careers Convention

Our first Careers Convention takes place today, Thursday 9th October, with exhibitors from over 30 local employers, universities, colleges and training organisations taking part.

Future Firefighter?

Future Firefighter?

Pupils from S2, S4 and S5 have been allocated time during the school day to attend the exhibition, while other pupils are able to visit at lunchtimes and after school. Parents/Carers and staff are welcome at any time. 

Many thanks to both Mrs Stemplis’ Hospitality class for assisting in the preparation of the food, and to Mrs Zambonini’s 5th year Personal Development (PD) class.

Also, thanks to the staff who organised the event (Mrs Mulholland, Mrs Darroch, Mrs King, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Macfadyen, Mr Murray, Mrs Zambonini) and to all the OLHS staff who supported it.

If you have visited the Careers Convention, please fill in our survey by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Careers Convention

  1. careers invention was a long day and took alot of prepartion but it was worth the hassil in the end and it was an interesting day 🙂 x

  2. we set up all the tables and chaires and showed the visitors were to set up stall we had also to make tea and coffee and provide biscuits etc to them it was a fun day and i think the vistors enjoyed themselfs to…lol

  3. The careers convention was a great success but it was a very long day. It was interesting to see all of the different companies that came to the school and i got a lot of useful information from them.

  4. the careers convention was good because i found out thing about the job i would like to do in the future .

  5. the careers convetion was a long day , but at the end it was worth it oi found out about alot of jobs and it made me think about what i wanted to do when i leave school 😀 x

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