Catalyst Awards 2008

6th year and authors at Catalyst Awards 2008

6th year and authors at Catalyst Awards 2008

Mrs Mitchell took her 3rd year class to Motherwell Civic Centre on 9th October to see  Julie Bertagna winning the finals of the Catalyst Book Awards, with her novel, Zenith, as voted for by pupils across North Lanarkshire. The other finalists were:

Tabitha Suzuma – From where I stand
Berlie Doherty – Abela: the girl who saw lions
Catherine MacPhail – Nemesis: the beast within

North Lanarkshire pupils introduced each author and gave a short insight into the author’s nominated book, then each author spoke to the audience themselves.

Also in attendance were pupils from the Advanced Higher English class, who were there to act as microphone bearers for Question Time at the end, hobnob with authors, make friends and influence people. They also took lots of photos, especially of new best friend Anthony McGowan (Tony to his friends), last year’s winner and this year’s compere.

Pupils have noticed an uncanny similarity between Mrs Mitchell and shortlisted author, Catherine MacPhail (in black and red at the front of the photo) – twins separated at birth?

Copies of all the novels will be available in the LRC after the holidays.


8 thoughts on “Catalyst Awards 2008

  1. The Catalyst day was a very fulfilling, inspiring day and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m glad I was there.

  2. The Catalyst Award Ceremony was a very educational and worthwhile visit to the Civic. It gave you one insight into an author’s head when writing a book. It surprised me that most of the authors came from a humble background where they didn’t have much education as I always presumed that authors were highly educated people. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. The Catalyst Event was a chance to let the talented shortlist have their work acknowledged. It was also a chance for the young minds of North Lanarkshire to get into the writers’ heads. However, didn’t like the performance of Henry Tumour. Good day out though!

  4. I thought the 2008 Catalyst Awards were great. I really enjoyed hearing from the authors themselves and about what their book meant to them. I liked that they told us what inspired them to write their book.

  5. The Catalyst was very interesting and I enjoyed listening to the extracts that were read by pupils of different schools. The play that was performed based onthe book “Henry Tumour” was very funny and gave us information on what the book was like.

  6. The whole event was very good. The introductions from the pupils and talks from the four authors were very informative. Although the drama was not as high a astandard as the rest of the day, overall it was a success.

    The stories of the authors were very different as each has very different backgrounds and inspirations. The final vote to see who won the Catalyst prize was exhilirating.

  7. I thought the Catalyst was really good. I particularly liked the drama of the boy with the talking tumour. I was good how the children done it. Even though I don’t know how to spell it I enjoyed it.

  8. The Catalyst event was a complete and utter failure. The worst part of the play was when a guy held a knife to a guy and then the other guy challenged him to a revels contestt
    The authors were good providing an insight into their heads!

    (P.S. I didnt like the play)

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