Oisin McGann

3rd year pupils enjoyed a visit last Friday  from Irish author, Oisin McGann.  Oisin soon had the audience giggling helplessly as he explained how teenagers lose the ability to put their arms up and can only raise them to their shoulders.

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He then explained how he is inspired by everyday things:  hair sticking up at the back of your head, or an unusual face. He seems to have left OLHS with plenty of inspiration!

He left us with a fantastic illustration from his latest book, Strangled Silence (which also has cool black pages).

Many thanks to Scottish Book Trust and Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour for bringing Oisin to OLHS .


23 thoughts on “Oisin McGann

  1. hellloo!

    he was relly good and his story’s were quite funny and was a good drawer

  2. Sapnin ….. ko ya mad rocket
    a liked you m8 (mabye 2 much) lol
    a thought you were quite funny ! you seemed like a stand up guy ! nice 1
    love from andy pandy

  3. i was at Riverdance :(!
    so i missed it, i was well gutted :O
    heard alott about you but :D!
    sounds good 😉

  4. I thought he was very funny and he gave me some very useful info.
    He was very trusting of us which is good because he told us all the funny stories and ideas that he gets for his stories.

  5. I think Oisin McGann is really funny and i think he should do stand up comedy 🙂
    I thought his books sounded really good and maybe in the future i may read one of them.
    Thanks And Goodnight 😀 peace.:D (H5)

  6. happinnin troops !! a faught he wis hardcore hes wis hilarous a lliked him hes should dae stand up like lol 🙂 nice 1 . efters xxxxxxxxxx

  7. i think the author person was really funny and reminded me of a comedian he said some very funny things. I dont really like to read to be honest but his books looked really funny and interestin. in future i may decided to read one of oisin’s books 😀 .

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