Patronal Feast Day 2010

Report from Mrs Sinclair

The Patronal Feast Day mass took place last Thursday in honour of our Patron Our Lady on the Feast of the Annunciation.

The whole school celebrated a beautiful mass along with Bishop Devine, Canon Carey, Father King, our School Chaplain, Father Reilly, Father Chromy, Father McGoldrick, Father Quinn, Father Campbell and Father Garwolinski.

The invited guests included Mrs Christine Pollock, Executive Director of North Lanarkshire Council Learning and Leisure Services and Provost Tom Curley as well as number of elected members. A large number of a former staff and friends of the school came along to celebrate this great feast with our school community. Mrs Sherry and her son Martin were present to see the blessing of a new altar which they kindly donated to the school.

The packed games hall listened to the very interesting homily given by Bishop Devine and joined in with the choir singing a number of beautiful and uplifting hymns. The school band was in first class form as usual. A marvellous event!

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