Lenten Charities

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As usual this year, we had a wide variety of activities taking place for Lenten Charities, including

  • car washes
  • sponsored silences
  • soak the teacher
  • Easter egg raffle
  • guess the teacher
  • silent raves
  • face painting
  • sumo wrestling
  • Easter bunny raffle
  • non-uniform day
  • leg waxing

Each class in the school had a target of £100 to raise for charity, which has been achieved and even surpassed by most classes, with a total already in excess of £3400!

Pupils have already selected some of the charities to receive donations including St Andrew’s Hospice, SPUC and Kamwokya. Cheques will be presented at the annual awards ceremony.


4 thoughts on “Lenten Charities

  1. 2m Did A “Silent Rave” In R.E. When We Watched Amy Cassidy On Tele And Listened Too Our Mobiles And iPods.

  2. Our Class 2m done a silent rave but at the end of it Amy Cassidy was on T.v and we watched her and it was called Copy Cats it was FUN !

  3. hello for lent 2s did a sponsored silence it was very quiet.Most of us still talked very quietly lol. We weren’t allowed to listen to music. We had to still do work – well colour in. But it was for charity.

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