S6 Released in Mugdock Park!

Senior students gone wild! – Produced by Julia, Lisa, Paula Jane, Kirsty and Christopher.

Recently the barbaric students of Our Lady’s High School created many appalling scenes in Mugdock Park,Glasgow – they blame the weather. Around 60 new 6th year pupils arrived anxious and enthusiastic for their ‘thrilling’ day ahead.  They were broken down into smaller groups in which they partook in fun and games competing against each other in order to win the ‘immense cash prize’ donated by the one and only Deborah King.

The day began wet… and then wet and then it rained some more. Despite the low temperatures, the spirits were high amongst the pupils (more-so the teachers, especially Mrs Mul).  The first task of the day was a rather odd version of bingo where the pupils had to find items and memories of each pupil in the team, Death Star were knocked out and Team Tish took the victory.  The second task included an intense skipping competition where Death Star, once again, believed they were cheated out of the title, other teams over-ruled the final tallies and Death Star lost the epic battle.

The third round of events included a series of problem solving challenges which tested the intelligence of the students and confused them beyond belief.  After many failed attempts and yet again more rain, it was then time for a well earned lunch.  The cafe provided adequate cuisine for the pupils. After many ups and downs the final task was upon the pupils, an orienteering challenge was presented to them and the students went on a grouling jouney to find the scattered points once again… in the rain.  The students returned from their challenge soaked through and team Mitch took the crown.  The ultimate tie brake was to construct a rocket from bits and pieces like, an empty, a bicycle pump and other essential items which we cant remember.  The competition was close but the squares had the edge and won the amazing prize. To the horror of the pupils, the prize has yet to be presented to them.

The travel home was long and tiring and the pupils were extrememly happy to return to the warm climate of Motherwell.


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