S6 Induction Week 2010

By Julia, Lisa, Barry, Shaun and Paula Jane

The new S6 pupils were involved in a number of activities through the course of the week which included suicide intervention and buddy training.  With the help of Mrs Mulholland, Mrs King, Mrs Zambonini,  Mrs McDonald, Mr Bel Abbes and of course Mrs Macfadyen (she told us to write that)  the students learned a variety of different skills which they are able to put into practice when the new term begins in August.

Buddy training allowed 6th year pupils to learn the skills needed to be a Buddy.  Heartstart training not only taught pupils how to deliver CPR, but also to train up their S1 buddies to do the same.

An inspiring talk from Laura Murdoch, who is based in the University of West of Scotland, gave the pupils a better understanding of University life.  The students were also provided with their Glow passwords and learned about the Millennium Volunteers project and the number of opportunities open to them within the school and local community.

School captain interviews took place over the course of Friday morning and the result were later revealed following a blessing from our School Chaplain Fr Frank King.  Paula Jane Graham and Christopher Costello were named our new school captains.  House Captain interviews are to take place in the forthcoming weeks.

Friday afternoon was much more relaxed as all S6 students enjoyed an afternoon out in the sun playing softball.  Overall, the week brought the year closer together and gave the students a heads up of what to expect after summer.

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