Papal Visit

Report from Mrs Sinclair

100 staff and pupils travelled to Bellahouston to celebrate Mass with His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.

The pilgrims were picked up at the school at 12.30 pm. From the school they were transported to M77 where the bus dropped them off. A forty minute walk was enjoyed by all, as the spirits were high and fellow pilgrims chatted along the way.

After negotiating into the allocated zone one, the staff and pupils settled down for a late lunch.  Big screens ensured that nothing was missed. There were choirs from all over Scotland providing uplifting music and interesting video footage from schools and groups highlighting the preparations for this momentous occasion. Susan Boyle was well receved by the young people as they sang along.

The Pope arrived to rapturous applause and travelled around Bellahouston to allow all of the Pilgrims to get a closer look. All participated in a wonderful Mass, where the Pope had a specific message for the young people of Scotland.

25 of the upper school pupils were chosen to be communion stewards, a role which they had been prepared for in advance. They carried out their allocated tasks with the dignity and respect required for such an important part of the Mass. They were delighted to find out that they were allowed to keep the special papal unmbrellas.

A tired but elated bunch of pilgrims returned to the school just before 10.00pm. A long but unforgettable day .

 A number of pupils attended the Mass with their families through the local Parishes. All reported back very postively about the marvellous day.

 On Friday 17th September Our Lady’s High School was once again involved in the Papal Visit. School captains, Paula Jane Graham and Christopher Costello, travelled down to Twickenham, accompanied by Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Mary Mulholland.

Daniel Canning, one of the House Captains, was flown down to Twickenham in advance of the Scottish group as Daniel was actually chosen to meet the Pope, one of three young people from Scotland. In school, all eyes were on the video link as the pupils watched events unfold. Just after 11.00am Daniel was presented to the Pope. The feeling in the school was one of great pride.

The Pope addressed 3000 young people from all over UK. The pupils in Our Lady’s High listened to his message in their classes via the link provided by SCES. 

Since his return Daniel has been addressing House Assemblies to tell them about what he describes as ‘ a life changing event’. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.


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