County Sports 2011

Report from Mr Brogan

22 pupils represented the school on Monday 13th June, at the Finals day of the County Sports. All performed exceptionally well and behaved in the same way. Congratulations to everyone involved.


Gold medallists

Heather Baird – High Jump/ Hurdles/ Relay
Kelsey Hastie – Relay
Rebecca Hopkins – Relay
Kellyann Reilly – Relay
Stephen Murphy – Long Jump/ Relay
Kieren Tierney – Relay
Jakub Mitas – Relay
Mateusz Sobczak – Relay

Silver medallists

Claire Ross – 800m
Collette McCarron – Triple Jump/ Hurdles
Jakub Mitas – 200m
Kieren Tierney – Hurdles
Kyle Boyle – High Jump
Connor Thomson – 400m
Ross Higgins – 400m

Bronze medallists

Kellyann Reilly – 100m
Jakub Mitas – Triple Jump

4th places

Aidan Kelly – 80m
Rebecca Hopkins – 100m
Mateusz Sobczak – 100m
Katie Ann Hunter – 200m
Brendan Reilly – 200m


Keri Hassan – 200m
Kyle Boyle – 400 m (DNS in final due to injury)
David Martin/ Michael Clark/ Connor Thomson/ Kyle Boyle – Relay
Keri Hassan/ Leah McDonald/ Collette McCarron/ Katie Ann Hunter – Relay

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