Farewell, Mrs Thompson

Interviewed by Ms Clinton, Ms Connor and Ms Grier

We got the chance to interview Mrs Thompson as she gets ready to retire (again). As she was being interviewed, she was washing dishes in the English base.

“Why are you leaving Our Lady’s High?” Rachel asked, the question being the one everyone wants to know.
Mrs Thompson answered with, “It’s the end of my contract. And now I am completely retired, finally.” Seems like she’s relieved, eh?

“How long have you worked here, miss?”
She pondered for a moment,  “I’ve worked here for 5 years, on and off. Definitely more on than off.”

Caitlin then asked, “Have you enjoyed working here at Our Lady’s High?”
“Yes, very much so.” was the answer recieved.

“What’s your best memory here?”
She turned around and looked at the other teachers in the room, and replied, “The friendliness of the staff is the memory I’ll always treasure.”

Gemma then asked, “Did you always want to be a teacher?”
“Sadly yes.”  Thanks for making the profession sound promising, Miss.

When asked what her plans were after leaving, she replied that she would be “taking it easy” and “spending the remainder of the money she has left”.

Rachel asked her what she would miss the most when she left.
Her answer was, “I’ll really miss the company of the staff.”

“What advice would you offer to anyone wanting to be a teacher?” Gemma asked.
Her well thought-out response was, “Treat your pupils as if they were your own child.”

“Who was your favourite person to work with?” All the interviewers asked, excitedly.
“With respect to all the others, Mrs Millar was really my favourite person to work with. We’re very similar.”

“Would you come back if you had the chance?”
“if it was a short chance,” she laughed. “Maybe for the occasional day.”

The last question, “Any last words?”
“I’ve enjoyed it.”

Mrs Thompson will surely be missed by all her pupils and the English department. Goodbye Miss, enjoy your retirement!

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