Meteors and Meteoroids

Meteors and Meteoroids are made of very crumbly rock. Many meteoroids are particles of the crumbly nucleus of comet. There are millions of the meteors travelling along the comets orbits. Meteoroids are invisible but if they crashed on the Earth’s atmosphere, the average speed of the meteors would be 10-50 km’s. They evaporate is a  streak of light-farming meteors or shooting star. If the Earth passes through a large swarm of meteoroid many meteors may be seen every hour. This is the meteors shower. The meteors showers. The meteor shower below is connected with the comets Temples-Tulle. Ordinary meters usually burn up at a height of about 50km above Earth. Anything large than a small stone will height up the sly as fireball. It many explode or bit the ground as a meteorite.

By Krystian

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