IDL Guy is Now Complete!

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Watch out for pupil posts about this handsome Scotsman who is ready to dance a jig with you!


7 thoughts on “IDL Guy is Now Complete!

  1. Making the IDL dude was very interesting and fun for all of us in second year. We used a special plaster called Paris Plaster. It is also known to be used in hospitals for casts. We also used coloured raw wool to make the hair and beard. It was very difficult to create a nice effect but the end result was worth it. When we painted we painted it with different shades of cold colours and some patterns. All in all , it was very fun and we are glad we could have the oppurtunity to be part of something so good….

  2. we (gemma & lorissa) think this ginger guy was really funny to make and really enjoyed the oppertunity for doing this. We used plaster that you would use in hospital for casts , we loved doing this and it was great to be a part of it. 🙂

  3. Making big Ging the Scots man was pretty fun , it was really good because me , Liam and ryan had such a laugh while doing our work. We made the hands of the human size sculpture. We had plaster of Paris and water and we dippped the plaster into the water and started to stick the plaster of paris on carefully. When we finished putting the plaster of Paris on we left it to dry for about 5 minutes , once it was dry it went hard so therfore ther was a chemical reaction. It was a really fun activity and we would like to use Plaster of Paris more often in I.D.L.

  4. Making the idl dude was really fun, Matthew and I painted all of his legs and feet together and it was a great laugh, we used a few different colours of paint in different shapes to create the multicoloured effect, and he looks brilliant! Everyone in S2 feel happy as to how he turned out. We named the ‘The Big Ging’.

  5. I really enjoyed doing the IDL guy it was fun , exciting and really interesting. I helped put the plaster on him and helped paint him and do designs on him. I would like to help out if we do another one.

  6. Had soo much fun painting and constructing the IDL guy. Konner and I had a ball painting his legs and feet. We used different colours to make mad shapes and make him very colourful. Now he is finished everyone in S2 are really proud and happy. It has turned out brill and we have now named him ‘Big Ging’. Hope he has fun chillin in his kilt, as long as he has put on some pants.

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