First thoughts on IDL

OK, 2nd year. Here’s your chance to tell us what you think of IDL so far.

What have you liked and not liked?

What’s been your favourite activities so far?

Are you enjoying the groupwork?

Let’s hear your opinions 🙂


13 thoughts on “First thoughts on IDL

  1. we think IDL is a great way to work together in groups and come up with great ways of making tasks fun, although sometimes it can be quite boring.

  2. We think IDL is a good subject for a wednesday morning. The different activites we do are interesting and enjoyable. We are now finished doing some activities on the computer and have now moved on to doing some practical work. We have made newspaper articles, food menus and posters ect… We have now moved onto sheilds and castles made from cardboard boxes.

  3. I enjoy IDL some times , but i get a bit bored of it. I like going in to Ms Steinet’s room and creating the portrait and painting the IDL guy. Because i like painting.

  4. I enjoy IDL but sometimes its boring , its good working in groups with other people and some of the activities are fun , i enjoyed helping plaster paint and draw designs on the IDL guy.

  5. IDL is a very good idea, having fun and learning at the same time. This term we were learning about The Auld Alliance which was soo much fun and interesting. We had fun creating things and researching about Scottish and French History. We learned about the Food,Castles,Education,Clothes,Wepons and Weddings. It is one of my favourite classes but if i had any critasism it would be too have it later on in the day because i am always really tierd 1st period.

  6. Ilove IDL because you do a lot of cool stuff and it’s such a great experience, and I always have a lot of fun in IDL

  7. I like ILD and enjoy learning new things. i feel we spend to much time in our groups researching the same thing and in the computer rooms and library, than with our acctual class.

  8. I quite enjoy I.D.L,

    I.D.L is a good idea to bring a few subjects together, so basically you are learning double. We were doing The Auld Alliance which was an interesting subject, and we had fun creating things and researching.

  9. i dont like I.D.L because it is boring and so is the work :)instead of I.D.L we should be allowed a chill out period and go on the computers and do our own stuff.

  10. i didn’t really enjoy IDL becuase i feel that you dont really learn anything from it

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