St Andrew’s Day Celebrations 29 November 2011

Report by Colette Carr

This year for St Andrew’s Day, Andrew house set out to mark the day.  In the run up to the day, tartan ribbons and badges were made and sold, and Saltires were put up on display around the school.  On the 29th, celebrations took place, seeing a mass in the theatre for all Andrew house celebrated by our chaplain Father Morton, followed by a coffee morning for staff to celebrate our country’s patron saint day.

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Mrs Connor, Andrew House guidance teacher, tells us about the preparations, and the day itself.

Hello!  How important is it for the school, and more importantly Andrew house to celebrate St Andrew’s day each year?

I think it’s really important in giving us a sense of identity, especially in a Catholic school.  As our country’s patron and in particular our house patron, he sets a very good example for our pupils, as in his life, he followed Jesus, something to be encouraged in our school community. 

Was there any prior fundraising for charities carried out before the day itself?

Yes, we sold tartan ribbons and badges to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice, and also so we could see pupils walking about the school with them on, on the actual day.

There was a mass celebrated, and all of Andrew house attended, do you think it’s good for the pupils to gather together like so?

I think it’s a very good idea, it again helps us see our Catholic identity, but it’s also a celebration.  The mass was very themed for the day, Father Morton had chosen readings about St Andrew, and spoke about his life, which was very good, because I learned new things about him during the mass.  It was really good, as like I said he is a good example as a person for our pupils to try and be like.

A coffee morning also took place, did many teachers come along to celebrate and support this, and were there any pupils involved?

Most of the teachers came along, it was really good.  We involved every year group in preparing for the day, like the first years helped make the tartan bows that we sold around the school, a group of fifth year girls helped out on the day, Michael played the bagpipes and our house captains Robyn and Paul did the vote of thanks at the end.  The Andrew pupil council also had a lot to do with it.

Was the work done by pupils voluntary, or was it going towards any qualifications?

No, it was all voluntary.

Was there anything done differently from previous years?

Well, we hadn’t had a mass in a few years, so that was different, and we were snowed off last year!

Is there anyone you’d like to particularly thank?

Yes, Isabel Evans, she did a lot for us, baking, and Tunnocks, I had written to them and they gave us a donation, which was brilliant.

Thank you!

Hopefully next year will be just as successful!

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