IDL Logo Design


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New Year- New IDL! S2 classes have started their new topic which is Lanarkshire Tourism and for the Art element of the topic the classes will design a logo for Lanarkshire with a slogan and an image incorporated into their design. For the first of 3 sessions they will look at what a logo is and discuss other tourism logos to help them come up with an idea. For the second session they will start to draw out their ideas by hand and for the third session they will be using the online logo resource Cooltext to help them come up with some professional looking fonts. These logos will be used later on in the year for a brochure on Lanarkshire that the classes will produce at the end of the topic.

So far it has gone well – one of the classroom assistants commented that it was so quiet  in class while the pupils were drawing out their ideas- a sure sign that they were excited and well into the task at hand 🙂

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