Sixth Year Retreat to Rome

Report by Colette Carr

A group of 24 sixth year pupils, along with DHT of Upper School Mrs Mulholland, RE teacher Miss McGinness, two former teachers, Mr Crossan and Mr Knighton, and priests Father Paul Morton, and Father Frances King made their pilgrimage to Rome on Monday the 13th of February.

The trip, organised by Alba Tours, saw Pilgrimage leader and former chaplain Father Morton take the group out to Lazio for a very memorable experience. Staying in a convent near St Peter’s Basilica, Mrs Mulholland tells, the group travelled all over Rome. While visiting all the major Roman tourist attractions, they also saw mass celebrated in many churches, including St Peter’s, climbed the Dome and Scala Sancta, experienced the four major Basilicas – St Peter’s, St John Lateran’s, St Mary Major’s and St Paul’s beyond the walls – and also got the chance to view the Vatican museums and gardens, which were particularly beautiful.

However, the highlights of the trip had to be the mass celebrated in the tomb of St Peter, and the special mention from the Pope in his audience with English speakers, in which they sang a hymn for him.

The trip had been planned since September by Father Morton, and fundraising events were planned. Mrs Mulholland has expressed her grateful thanks to Father Morton and Alba Tours for organising the trip, Monsignor Cushley in Rome for sorting their access to Scavi and the Papal mention, and also, former pupils studying at Scots College Collum Martin and Kenneth MacDermid for booking their wonderful meals.

The trip was all they expected it to be and more, with everyone loving it, Mr Knighton summing it up with, “Sore legs. Happy tummies. Happy eyes and brains.”

Additional from Mrs Sinclair

The Rome Pilgrims were present at the General audience with the Pope where they were highlighted and sang a verse of our school hymn.  At the end of the English speaking audience the pope especially welcomed the students of Our Lady’s High Shool and gave them a smile and a wave.

You can watch the whole audience here.

Alternatively, you can see our group in action if you drag the cursor to the following times:

34 mins – 36 mins

40 mins, 40 seconds for about 20 seconds.

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