SQA exams – updated arrangements

From Mrs Sinclair

Dear Parent/Carer

Further to the letter which you received prior to the Easter holidays I would like to advise a change to the exam leave arrangements.  As it is an in-service day prior to the long weekend it has been agreed by the senior management team that pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth year may begin the formal exam leave on Friday 4th May.  Pupils should use this day and the weekend for study purposes.  They should then use all non-exam days for study.

If any pupil would prefer to study in school he/she should see me to make arrangements.  The teaching staff will be available to assist pupils when they would normally have been teaching them and therefore if your child needs some assistance with a subject a visit to the school for support is an option.  When visiting the school, can I ask you to ensure that the uniform is worn.

This is a busy and often stressful time for the young people and I am sure that the extra support from families helps at this time.  I am very hopeful that most of our students have been studying hard, particularly in the last few weeks, and that they will reap the benefits.

I wish your child every success in the exams and be assured that we pray for the success of all of our young people every day, during the exams.

To our sixth year students, there will be a number of opportunities to say goodbye and wish them well.  However can I take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution to our school over the years.  I look forward to hearing about their successes in the years ahead.  Good Luck and God Bless.

Pupils in fourth and fifth year should return to school on 7th June for their induction into fifth and sixth year respectively.  A letter and text message will be sent nearer the time.

I hope that this change in arrangement days does not cause you any inconvenience.

King Regards

Mrs K Sinclair
Head Teacher


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