Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

30th May 2012

Dear Parent/Carer,

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

As you know the country is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday and we have an extra bank holiday.  In school we are celebrating in a small way on Thursday 31st May – tomorrow.

First year pupils will be participating in a variety of activities relating to the Jubilee from dancing in 50’s style to a street party in the afternoon.  We don’t want the other pupils excluded and therefore have decided to have a non-uniform day in aid of charity.  All pupils and staff may come to school dressed in 50’s style or simply dress in royal colours, royal attire or casual clothes.  The cost for this will be £1.00 which will be collected during tutor time.  The money raised will go to St Andrew’s Hospice where our much loved Canon Ashe was cared for over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately we heard the sad news that he passed away during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

I hope that the small scale event will be enjoyable for all involved.  The pupils from Bothwellpark are celebrating too and we will have some joint ventures.

As with all of these non-uniform days I am relying on parents/carers to ensure that the dress is appropriate.  If it is a warm day only long shorts would be acceptable.  There should be no football colours or t-shirts which are skimpy or have offensive slogans.  Thank you once again for supporting us here in OLHS.

The school will close at 3:30pm on Thursday.  Pupils do not have permission to leave at lunchtime.  We re-open on Wednesday 6th June.

Canon Ashe’s funeral Mass is on this Friday 1st June.  It is a holiday, however it would be a great mark of respect if as many of St Bernadette’s parishioners from Our Lady’s attended the funeral in school uniform.  Please arrive at the church before 11:00am as there will be a large crowd.

Yours sincerely

Mrs K Sinclair
Head Teacher

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