FreeRice Challenge – Tuesday results

Tuesday 12th June A fantastic running total of 47, 160 grains of rice raised so far.

Online game to end hunger

FreeRice is a charity site that supports the United Nations World Food Programme. Each page contains a multiple choice question. Clicking on a correct answer adds 10 grains of rice to your total. The rice is paid for by sponsors’ adverts.

Click here to find out more about the work of FreeRice and statistics on world hunger.

FreeRice top scoring classes

1. 4A2 (Miss Simpson)
2. 3A2 (Mr Law)
3. 3M1 (Mrs Anderson)
4. 5.4 (Miss Campbell)
5. 2C1 (Mrs McAlinden)
6. 5.3 (Mrs McKay)
7. 3S2 (Mrs Simpson)
8. 3C2 (Mr Hair)
9. 4A1 (Miss McGinness)
10. 4C2 (Mr McGleish)

Houses in order of rice raised

1. Andrew
2. Columba
3. Margaret
4. Sinclair

Year groups in order of rice raised

1. 3rd year
2. 4th year
3. 5th year
4. 2nd year
5. 6th year

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