Leaving Staff Interview – Miss Watt

Why are you leaving Our Lady’s High School?

There’s no job available.

How long have you worked here?

One year.

Have you enjoyed working here at OLHS?

I’ve loved it. It’s been fantastic.

What’s your best memory of Our Lady’s High?

I don’t know, there’s been so many! It would be too hard to list them all.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

No. I originally wanted to be an accountant, then a lawyer, but then I had children and I realised how much I loved working with kids. I loved maths and computing and children so I decided to combine them with teaching.

What advice would you offer to anyone wanting to be a teacher?

Be very dedicated. It’s a difficult job, and it’s certainly not just 9:00 – 3:30!

What (or who) will you miss the most?

I’ve made lots of friends here. I’ll miss the kids and the maths department, everyone’s been so nice and friendly.

Who was your favourite person to work with?

The maths department.

What are your plans after leaving?

Enjoy the summer, go on a holiday and have a job for August.

Would you come back if you had the chance?


Any last words?

I will miss everything about this school.

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