Summer Cafe Concert

Report by Emily, Hayley and Gemma

On Friday the 22nd of June parents and staff alike piled into the theatre for an evening filed with musical delights.

The concert opened with the school band accompanied by some of the string players with their rendition of The Lion King. They then continued with John Williams – Movie Themes, which included some old favourites such as Star Wars, ET: The Extra Terrestrial and other famous pieces, during which Joseph Smith and Matthew Dunn had  a rather entertaining battle with their light-up light sabers. Mr Woods, who was conducting the band, was not to be left out as he also brought out his own light saber and joined in the fun.

Next up, Luke McMahon sang beautiful versions of Everything and Home. The junior band took to the stage with their thrilling versions of Pep Valley Rock and Pirates Of The Caribbean. A small vocal ensemble sang a heartwarming rendition of Lean On Me. There was then a cello solo by Hayley Stevenson who played Robots March, with her fingers flying – an extremely brave feat as she was suffering from nerves.

The choir took to the stage to sing Coldplay’s Viva La Vida and Fix You. The audience was then entertained during the interval by the raffle.

The choir returned to the stage with a Beatles’ medley, featuring some of the band’s favourites. Next there was a double bass solo by Filip Fedorowicz, who played Jazz Rock. The saxophone group had their turn in the spotlight as they played Groovy Kind Of Love. Tommy McGuire sang a lovely version of Rewind – a treat for the ladies. The clarinet group entertained the audience with Yesterday.

The school band closed the evening with Big Fun In The Sun to get us in the SUMMER MODE, before Mrs Sinclair said her vote of thanks.

The concert was set up to have a relaxed cafe feel and Joe Smith and Matthew Dunn kept the audience well entertained as comperes for the evening, cracking jokes and being the source of all information. The evening on a whole was a huge success for the Performing Arts department and showed off the year’s hard work.

(photos to follow)

  • Flute/Oboe: Megan O’Raw, Rachel Lamarra, Bobbie Nicol
  • Clarinet/Bassoon: Amy Burnett, Andrew Harding, Sarah Garrity, Eloise O’Brien, Emily McCafferty, Stephanie McCarron
  •  Saxophones: Carla Tyrrell, Peter Robertson, Katy Devlin, James Bennett, Marc Costello
  • Horn: Clare Louise Verrechia, Katie Tyrrell, Lisa Rattigan, Ronan O’Dowd, Monica Kane
  • Trumpet: Joseph Smith, David Martin, Jill McMurray, Claire Ross, Hannah Felth, Emma Graham
  • Lower Brass: Matthew Dunn, Jordan Mooney, Nicole Kane, Daniel Davis, Stephen Ross, Nicholas Allen
  • Percussion:  Chris Dunn, Michael Allan, Chris Bradshaw, Lewis Donnelly, Chris McCarron
  • Strings: Emma Russell, Hayley Stevenson, Aidan Bonnar, Jennifer Kidd, Filip Fedorowich, Beth Cunningham
  • Choir: Maia Winton, Niamh McDevitt, Maria Casey, Megan Green, Nicola Dochenko, Emma Graham, Beth Cunningham, Carla Tyrrell, Keren Shearer, Monica Allen, Jill McMurray, Monica Kane, Kiera Winton, Caitlin Connor, Megan Donnelly, Shauvaun Goodman, Laura Nichol, Corrina Buchan, Emily McCafferty, Chloe March, Sarah Campbell, Abbie McAlpine, Darcy Hendry, Lisa O’Rourke, Rebecca Hopkins, Marc Costello, Caitlin Welsh, Tommy McGuire, Nicky Stewart, Filip Fedorowicz, Amy Burnett, Joe Smith, Matthew Dunn, Andrew Harding, Chris Dunn, Louise Elliott



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