Hallowe’en Disco 2012

As part of my Leadership Award I chose to organise a Halloween disco for the 1st and 6th year pupils. The 6 people in my team; Emma, Sarah, Sarah Anne, Nicole, Liam and Connor helped organise a date, time and place with Mrs Sinclair. The Halloween party took place on the 29th of October, from 7-9, and was extremely successful, Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Mulholland, Mrs Moore, Mrs Donnachie, Miss Halkett, Mr MacMaster and Mr Smith also attended. Members of the leadership team went round the 1st and 6th year classes and sold the tickets, collecting the money for school funds. On the night there were crisps, sweets, fizzy juice and water on sale to also help raise money for the school funds. At the party there was music and dancing and we played a number of games such as; Musical Statues, Musical Bumps, Dunking for apples and Best Gangnam style dance. There was also a prize given out to two first year girls and 1 sixth year girl for best dressed. The two first years were dressed as a Lego brick and a sumo princess, and the sixth year was dressed as a sheep. It was extremely hard to decide between all the great costumes there that night and you could tell a great effort had been made by everyone dressing up. The night was very successful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


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