S1 Retreats by Caritas Pupils

As part of our Caritas award some of the S6 pupils organised the S1 retreats in Newmains, around the theme of We are All God’s Works of Art.  Through this Theme we wanted to show the first year pupils that everyone is special in their own way and we are all like works of art.  The Caritas pupils where spilt into five groups and each organised one of the days.  Most of the groups followed a similar plan for the retreats and we used our R.E. periods to plan it.

My group, Louise, Matthew, Peter, Maciej and I used icebreakers to start of the day and get the pupils to communicate with each other and then moved on to show them a Powerpoint of different forms of art (paintings, sculptures etc.) and asked questions base on this through using the show-me boards.  We then played corners with questions like why are people works of art and had the pupils write their answers next to the question .  After their break we had them draw portraits of each other and then write nice comments about each other which was very successful.  Finally after lunch we had the pupils write bidding prayers and had a service by Miss Kane.

Overall the we found the retreat to be a success with the pupils being more considerate of each other and realising they are all special in different ways.

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