16th Century Clothes by Maia, Kayleigh and Patryk.

In IDL we have been learing a lot about Mary Queen of Scots. Today we are going to tell you a little about the clothing they wore !

The Rich

The men – the men were squared shaped when they wore … short doublets, flat hats covered in feathers, shoulder coat cut wide and large collars.

The women –  the women were triangular-shaped when they wore… corsets, kurtles, full length gowns and long trails.

The children wore…more or less the same as the adults but in smaller sizes, they often looked like mini adults.

Painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldi, 1563

Painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldi, 1563

The Poor

All the poor wore more or less the same things, simple loose clothing , they were all boring and dull, the women wore long dresses as did the young girls. The men wore loose baggy trousers and loose tops as well as the boys.

By Maia , Kayleigh and Patryk.


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