Strictly… OLHS style

Report by Some Drama People

On Friday the 23rd of November Our Lady’s High School held it’s first ever Strictly Dancing event.  The night got off to a bang with the fantastic comedy provided by the hosts, Matthew Dunn and Joseph Smith.  The audience then got to meet their judges: Mr Andrew Smith, Mrs Loraine McNeish, Mrs Clare Cooper and our resident Mrs Nasty, Loraine Bertolini.  The couples were then presented in style and received a wonderful reception from the 200 people strong audience.

The crowd were then entertained with a performance from of “She Said” by the S3 Dance Class and an excellent big band rendition of “Beyond the Sea” from the S4 Vocal group.

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It was then time to start the dancing – first up were Miss Chloe McGinness and Mr Thomas McGuire.  They danced to a mash-up of “Thriller” and “Gangnam Style” which got audience up on their feet and received excellent comments from the judges.

The second couple were Miss Jillian McGinn and Mr Nicholas Stewart who danced to a mash up of songs from the past 40 years.  Although they presented they used a variety of dancing styles, props and costume they received mixed comments from the judges and Mrs Nasty, Loraine Bertolini lived up to her name.

The third couple were Mr Joe Allan and Miss Sangeeta Kaur who performed a traditional Bollywood dance to more contemporary music.  Both dancers looked dazzling in their costumes and they received fantastic comments from the judges.

Couple number four were Mr Stephen Brogan and Miss Caitlin Welsh who performed a playful and fun version of the “Evolution of Dance.”  They incorporated a number of social dancing moves and had a very technical spin in there too.  They were highly commended by the judges.

The second half was kicked off with a bang – a big band bang! – as the Strictly Band performed “Titanium” as arranged by Music Instructor, Mr James Woods.

We were then back to the dancing and couple number five – Father King and Miss Louise Elliot wowed the audience and judges alike with their technical and dramatic Tango.  Father King was praised on his “excellent cape action.”

Couple number six – Mrs Deborah King and Mr Christopher Dunn stunned the audience with their version of “Single Ladies”.  All the hip wiggling had worked the audience into a frenzy who were all up on their feet enjoying the performance.

Last but not least couple number seven – Mr Andrew MacMaster and Miss Caitlin Hall also danced to a mash up of iconic dance songs. They received mixed comments from the judges – possibly because Mr MacMaster’s Movember Moustache stole the show.

The audience were then instructed to vote for their favourite couple.  While the votes were being counted they were kept entertained by Christopher Dunn and Louise Elliot drawing the raffle and a not-so-mystery, mystery act – Mathew Dunn and Joseph Smith’s dance.  Joseph appeared on stage looking for Matthew – he eventually spotted him in the audience and Matthew proceeded to strip and reveal he was dressed in women’s clothes!!!  They danced to “Time of my life” and “The Party Rock Anthem”.

It was then time to announce the winner and all couples were invited back onstage.  The judges seemed to have very good judging skills this evening as they rated the couples as the audience did.  In third place came Miss Chloe McGinness and Mr Thomas McGuire.  In second place came Father King and Miss Louise Elliot and in first place were Mrs Deborah King and Mr Christopher Dunn.

They performed their victory dance and amazed the crowd once again and the show was closed by our hosts.  Overall Strictly Dancing was a fantastic evening’s entertainment which all the audience members and participants did not want to end.

Here’s to 2013, Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Dancing!

PS Thanks to all the photographers who did a great job capturing people who just wouldn’t stand still!

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