Burns Week 2013

Report from Miss McGhee

Burns week was celebrated with enthusiasm in Our Lady’s High. Many departments participated in activities celebrating the life and works of the Greatest Ever Scot. Pupils in Maths calculated the cost of hosting a Burns Supper, looking at food suppliers and ticket costs, etc. In the library, some of our pupils chose their favourite Scots words and phrases to create displays. The Modern Languages department looked at how Auld Lang Syne has become an unofficial anthem for us and then examined La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. The XL group were involved with Home Economics in preparing their own Burns Supper, where rousing renditions of ‘Address to a Haggis‘ were given before the meal was enjoyed. The English Department focused on Burns’ famous poem ‘To a Mouse‘ and pupils were able to write their own addresses to various creatures – and objects – of their choice.

The week culminated in a Burns Supper for S4, S5, S6 and staff.  Mr Mulrooney delivered the Selkirk Grace before pipers piped in the haggis, followed by an entertaining address from Mr Cairns. Attendees enjoyed a four course traditional Scottish meal before being entertained by various speakers and performers. Some of Burns’ famous love and political songs were sung by Mrs Clements and Joseph Smith and one of his most famous poems, Tam O’Shanter, was recited by Mrs King, Mr Law, Jake Dickson and Lorna Mitchell. An extremely entertaining (and brave!) Address to the Lassies was delivered by Jonathan MacLeod before revenge was taken by Romana Broughton with the caustic reply. Mrs Millar extoled Burns’ virtues in The Immortal Memory and the evening was superbly hosted by our resident double act, Matthew Dunn and Joe Smith.

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