Prison visit

Report by Miss Halkett

S3 Modern Studies pupils visited HM Prison Shotts on Tuesday, as part of their study of Crime and the Law in Scotland.

After being taken through security measures, pupils and staff entered the administration area and had the opportunity to meet with several friendly Prison Officers and the Deputy Governor. This meeting included pupils collecting opinions and evidence on the causes of crime and also the advantages and disadvantages of prison sentences. The discussion was interesting, informative and honest throughout.

The group then had the opportunity to speak to the Governor’s Pass, the most trusted prisoner in HM Prison Shotts. He spoke of his experiences and his future plans. They then visited the prison workshops and education facilities, which deepened their knowledge and understanding of the rehabilitation process.

This experience has allowed pupils to consolidate their learning in a realistic context. Pupils will apply this knowledge as they write up their learning in the form of a report this May.

Pupils and staff expressed their gratitude to HM Prison Shotts and the Scottish Prison Service for this valuable opportunity. HM Prison Staff complimented the enthusiasm of our pupils and thanked them for their engagement. They conducted themselves in mature and respectful manner at all times and once again filled OLHS staff with pride.

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