FreeRice Challenge 2013

For the next two weeks, tutor classes will be focusing on FreeRice, helping to raise money for the World Food Programme. For the first week, classes have the chance to practice using the website, and next week, we start the competition between classes, houses and year groups. Last year’s results are below.

During the competition itself (week beginning 17th June), each class participating sends a total (or in the case of classes using a computer suite, an average per computer) which will be added to their scores and published daily in the bulletin.

FreeRice is a website that encourages you to improve your English, French, Science, Geography and Art knowledge while simultaneously providing food for hungry people in the developing world.

Each page of FreeRice has a question. If you answer that question correctly, you’ve gained 10 grains of rice for the United Nations World Food Programme. The rice is paid for by sponsors whose adverts pop up at the bottom of each page.

To find out about hunger in the world today, look at these Hunger Statistics.

Click here to find out more about FreeRice.

Last year we raised 200, 850 grains of rice,
which is sufficient to feed
five adults for one day.

Let’s feed more hungry people this year.

Top scoring classes 2012

1. 3S2
2. 4C2
3. 3A2
4. 3S1
5. 2M2
6. 5.3
7. 4A2
8. 4S2
9. 2C1
10. 3M1

Houses in order of rice raised 2012 (s2-4 only)

1. Sinclair
4. Columba
2. Andrew
3. Margaret

Year groups in order of rice raised 2012

1. 3rd year
2. 4th year
3. 2nd year
4. 5th year
5. 6th year

Wonder who this year’s champions will be?


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