Stirling Castle I

Stirling Castle by Dearbhla

In September, I visited Stirling Castle with my class along with 2N4, and some from 2N1. There, we took a tour of the castle and took part in various activities. We learned a lot about the art that was popular in the time of Mary Queen of Scots.

We also visited the rooms in which Mary Queen of Scots grew up in, which I found rather interesting. We learned about the things the royals did in their spare time and visited the big hall, where feasts and parties would be held. When we were touring the castle, I found it fascinating that this was once a place that the royals stayed in. The whole castle was a very interactive experience which made it a whole lot more interesting.

I especially enjoyed going to the room to learn about what the knights wore during war and the type of fashion that was popular back in that specific era.

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It was a good day overall, and I’m glad I went on it as the history part of IDL is my favourite section and it was great to visit a historical castle.

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