El Dia de los Muertos

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Our Lady’s celebrated 1st November in two very different ways this year. In the morning, the school celebrated mass for All Saints Day. In the afternoon, all S2 pupils marked the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead, arranged jointly by staff from Art, the Library, Modern Languages and Religious Education.

Day of the Dead is a happy occasion when people remember those they have lost, almost like a big family party, so pupils brought in pictures and mementos of people that they had lost and would like to honour, whether family members, friends, or someone special to them. These were placed on the special ofrenda, or altar, which was decorated with bright, cheerfully decorated crosses and colourful clay skulls created by the pupils themselves.

The afternoon started with prayers in Spanish, then pupils got started decorating cakes with sweets and more skulls, using fondant icing this time. As the symbol of death in Mexico is a skeleton wearing fancy clothes (named Catrina), the next task was to decorate a hat for her, using scraps of material and found objects. The last activity of the afternoon was a quiz focusing on Day of the Dead ceremonies and our own Hallowe’en customs. The festivities ended with prizes being awarded to teams who created the best hats and the best collection of cakes.

Many thanks to all of the departments involved, to the pupils for their enthusiasm, to the 6th year Caritas pupils for supporting the 2nd years, to Mrs Sinclair, Mr Krawczyk and Mrs Zambonini for judging, to the Home Economics staff for the emergency icing and to all the staff who came along to help out.

Special thanks to the lunatics who planned it all out: Mr Pegard, Ms Steinert, Mr Shields, Miss McGinness and Mrs Macfadyen.


14 thoughts on “El Dia de los Muertos

  1. The Day of the Dead was amazing! My favourite part was making the icing and decorating and decorating the cakes. πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed the Day of The Dead festival in school because we got to make a cake and design a sombrerro. At the end we done a quiz about day of the dead and halloween. I enjoyed making the cake the most because we got to eat it at the end.

  3. in Art we done Clay sugar skulls and Disigning Crosses in R.E i think the “Day of the dead” Festival is Amazing

  4. I really enjoyed this experience, it was a chance for all of the 2nd year pupils to come together and form a beautiful afternoon.

  5. On friday,all the second year celebrated the day of the dead. The day of the dead is a festival mostly celebrated in mexico but some parts of america also celebrate it and Poland celebrate it aswell. We did activities like decorating fairycakes and designing a paper hat. I was in team 1 with some of the second year pupils. The frist thing we did when we got in was decorating the fairycakes we had a piece of ready rolled icing. that i had to shape into a skull, once we had finished making the skull we had to decorate them.

  6. On Friday,all of the second years celebrated the day of the dead.The day of the dead is a festival mostly celebrated in Mexico but some parts of America also celebrate it.We did activities like decorating fairycakes and designing a paper hat.I was in team 20 with some other second year pupils.The first thing we did when we got in was decorating the cakes we had a piece of ready rolled icing that i had to shape into a skull,once we had finished making them into the shape of a skull then we used food dye and little sweets to make the face of the skull.

  7. On Friday the 1st of November we celebrated the day of the dead festival,it was really fun because we did lots of fun and interesting activities. We made a skull cake and decorated Cathelines hat. we makde an alter of things and pictures that reminded us of our family members who have passed away. My group won the cake competition and got a prize. At the end of the day we done a quiz and my group got 20/20. It was a fun day and i learned alot.

  8. On Friday the 1st of November we celebrated El Dias de los muertos ( the day of the dead). I had a very good time with the people in my group. We did 2 competitive competitions the 1st one was we had to make a skull themed cake. The second competition we all had to work as a team to design a hat for someone to wear for the day of the dead. I had a very fun time with my team and it was very interesting I would rate the day 10/10

  9. In the day of the dead festival, we were designing cakes and to see what group wins. I personally think my cake was nice. I didnt really enjoy the festival because I didnt get on with the people I was in a group.

  10. On Friday the Day of the dead celebration was amazing. A great time for all the second year pupil to come together and from a great afternoon. The best thing was the cake was different and really nice. It was a really colorful and happy afternoon for all of us. We also learned a lot about Mexican culture.

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