Top of the Bench 2013

Old news, just uncovered. Archiving for posterity 🙂

Report from Miss McGinty (November 2013)

Last night saw the return of the annual Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) West of Scotland “Top of the Bench” Competition, held this year at Strathclyde University. We sent a team of pupils along, which consisted of Sophie and Emily Tougher-Mitchell, Craig Thomas, David O’Hara, Michael McKenna and Patrick Quinn.

Battling through seven rounds including individual questions directed at the representative from each year group, physics questions (which don’t belong in any chemistry quiz!!!), Molymod round (the things in Chemistry that everyone will remember from school that they loved to play with and make anything other than actual molecules from….) our team pulled through and managed to hold their own against 15 other schools as the sole representatives from North Lanarkshire.

They finished overall 4th, being 4 points behind the leaders, with the winners and runners up having the exact same score!!

The pupils enjoyed every minute of it (as did the adults) and we all learned a little something too.

The free glow in the dark pens definitely made it worthwhile.

So if you see the kids don’t forget to congratulate them, they were superb.


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