Kids Lit Quiz 2013

After fierce competition in the Library, twelve S1 pupils set off for Kilsyth Academy last week for the West of Scotland heat of the Kids Lit Quiz, a worldwide competition all about books and stories. Answering questions from on everything from fairy tales and picture books to Young Adult and classic novels, the two teams of four had a lot to cope with, but worked well together to build up impressive scores, while our stalwart supporters in the audience waved banners, cheered the teams on, and whispered answers to each other.

The event ran like clockwork, with ten rounds of ten questions, interspersed with prize challenges for the audience (including two wins for OLHS!) At the interval, each pupil purchased a book and ran to get it signed by their respective author. Two lucky pupils who chose Viking Gold even received a real Viking coin from author, V Campbell!

Our Kids Lit Quiz team with founder, Wayne Mills

Our Kids Lit Quiz team with founder, Wayne Mills

Many thanks to all twelve pupils who put themselves through such hard work: Taylor Gilfillan, Hayley Graham, Robbie Henderson, Alicia Jackson, Shannon Lawrie, Lewis Longmuir, Tony McAdam, Lauren McCann, Andrew McMahon, Greg McLuskey, Shay Ross and Liam Tonner. Thanks also to PT English, Mrs Millar, and to Librarian, Mrs Macfadyen, for managing the OLHS heats and organising the trip.

12 thoughts on “Kids Lit Quiz 2013

  1. I was in the lit quiz today and it was really good , it was fun and you got asked good questions although we didnt win we took part and we enjoyed it I got my book signed by Keith Charters who writes the Lee’s books. To sum it all up it was a great day and i enjoyed it!!!

  2. I found the kids lit quiz a bit interesting because it was about movies, books and myths. It was a bit competitive

  3. The Kids Lit Quiz 2013 was an amazing experience. It had lots of catergories such as babies and adventures. We had 2 teams. I was in team 1 with Andrew McMahon, Robbie Henderson and Greg McLusky. Team 2 members when Lauren McCan, Lewis Longmuir, Shay Ross and Tony McAdam. Team 1 came 30th and team 2 came 39th. It was a really good day and I would definetly go again.

  4. i was in the kids lit quiz i was in team no.2 with 3 other people. there was a certain table for everyone. there was a answers and we went through and the audience could answer some of them

  5. I was in the lit quiz team No.2 and I thought it was great even though my team didn’t win but I wish I could do it again.

  6. Today I was at the kids lit qiuz. It was really fun. We didnt come first but we took part. I got my Lee book signed.

  7. It was really fun, lots of tough questions and even if you are in the audience you can still win a prize !

  8. Today was my 1st experiance at the kids lit quiz. I really enjoyed my time even though i was a sub I still got to join in with the fun. The audience got to answer questions at the end of each round and you could of won a book or a £5 book voucher. At half time you got to go and get a packet of crisps and a bottle of juice. You got to get a book signed by an author. I had a very fun day!!!!!!!☺☺☺

  9. I thought the Kids Lit Quiz was great! It was really fun and I enjoyed myself very much! I got the book ” Viking Gold” by Victoria McDonald! I loved the quiz!

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