1st year Caritas retreats

Report by NG

As part of our Caritas award, our 6th year class divided up into small groups to organise the S1 retreats.  We spent 3/4 periods of Caritas planning our day and organising different activities that the S1 pupils could do.

The theme of the retreat was “We are All God’s Work of Art”.  On the day of our retreat, we spent our time down in St Bride’s Hall where we done a range of different activities. Some of these activities included:

  • our “we are Gods work of art” project where all the pupils were to draw a picture of themselves then others could put postnotes of nice things they thought about them on it;
  • we also got them to make posters including different things that they thought were works of art;
  • and the colour game where all the pupils were divided into groups and sent around the hall to find there coloured envelopes so they could create posters of different works of art.

All the pupils loved the different activities. especially because of the little prizes!

Afterwards, we attended a lovely service at Cathedral Parish to end off a great day!


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