Memorial Chapel

Report from Mrs Sinclair

There is a committee of former pupils, teachers and former teachers who meet at least once per year to discuss the upkeep of our Chapel. The concept of the Memorial Chapel was started in the old Our Lady’s High School and was planned as a memorial to the young men who were pupils and gave up their lives in the Second World War.  When Our Lady’s merged with St Joseph’s the fallen from St Joseph’s were also remembered.

The altar, the Marian Statue and the art work were all transferred from the Airbles building in the 1970’s after our Chapel was built.  Pupils in the school at that time raised a phenomenal amount of money to ensure that the Chapel would be built.

The statue is now in a state of disrepair and the War Memorial Committee have been involved in fundraising for a few years to pay for the statue to be repaired.  As well as this, they plan to upgrade a number of things in our beautiful Chapel.

Today the statue is being taken away to have the repair done by experts in the field. We look forward to seeing the statue returned to its former glory in the near future.



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