Catholic Education Week 2014 – Shining the Light of Faith

Report from Mrs Sinclair and Miss McGinness

Last week was Catholic Education Week when we celebrate Catholic Schools. In school, the chapel was open during breaktime to give pupils the opportunity to take time to sit quietly or light candles for themselves or others. Senior Management also held assemblies to launch Catholic Education Week with pupils.

2014_0221_4035 2014_0221_4038 2014_0221_4048


Upper school pupils represented Our Lady’s at all masses in the parishes associated with our school. The launch consisted of a ‘Service of Light’ which expressed the recent teaching of Pope Francis on how Faith can be a guiding light which helps us to find our way in life.

We have received great feedback from priests and parishioners.  Some sixth year pupils delivered a great speech.  Some pupils were doing readings and bidding prayers.  Some were giving out information booklets and involved in collections. A number of our pupils were playing instruments and singing. Well done to all involved and please continue your work within the parishes. It was great to see and long may it continue.

Thanks also to staff who were involved in the liturgy in associated parishes this Catholic Education Weekend: Mrs Mulholland, Mrs Moore, Mrs Donnachie, Miss McGinness, Mr Martin and Mrs Stemplis.


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