XL4 hit Edinburgh

Report from Mr Kay

On Wednesday 19th February the XL4 group attended the Edinburgh Dungeons and the Playhouse Theatre as part of their programme of events. The Dungeons were described by the pupils as “scary” “horrific” “exciting” and “peaceful”.


The group watched the Matinee Performance of the musical Tonight’s The Night and described the performance and theatre as “shamazing” “I loved it” “great storyline”. School staff attending the trip were: Mr Kay, Ms King and Ms McDonald.

7 thoughts on “XL4 hit Edinburgh

  1. On Wednesday 19th Feb xl4 travelled to Edinburgh for a day out. We started off at the Dungeons which was scary. Then we went for lunch at Jimmy Chungs, chinese food. Finally,we went to the Playhouse theatre for a Rod Stewart tribute show, Tonights the night.It was a good day out.

  2. On Wednesday the 19th of February myself and the XL 4 class went to Edinburgh dungeons, this trip was really fun and really scary, when that was over we went to Jimmy Chung’s for lunch which was an all you can eat buffet, after that we went to Edinbrugh Play house to see ‘Tonights the night’ which was a Rod Stewart musical, I loved this and it was really funny and it was really exciting.

  3. On Wednesday the 19th of Feb XL4 went to Edinburgh Dungeons and The Playhouse Theatre it was very good. The dungeons were terrifying but great fun and the playhouse theatre was great and I enjoyed it. For lunch we went to Jimmy Chung’s chinese buffet which was very tasty.

  4. Wednesday 19th of Febuary my XL group travelled by bus to Edinburgh on a school trip. We went to Edinburgh Dungeons which was pretty spooky but good as we saw Scotlands past! Afterwards we got something for lunch at a Chinese buffet called ” Jimmy Chungs” , I really enjoyed the buffet as it was all you can eat and the food was great. Last of all we went to the Playhouse Theatre to see a tribute to Rod Stewart “Tonight’s the night” .It was very exciting sitting watching a live musical as it was the first one I had been to. We arrived back home at around 6pm

  5. on wednesday the 19th of december we visted edinburgh and we visted the things in it like the dungeons , the jimmy chungs buffet and then lastly we visted the playhouse and I thoroughly enjoyed the playhouse and the dungeons and the chinese was amazing.

  6. Last wednesday the 19th of february i went with my XL4 group to Edinburgh we went to the Edinburgh dungeon.The emotions were crazy,everyone got a card to tell if you are infected with a plague,the dungeons were more funny than scary Mr Kay got tortured with different funny tools. We went to a Chinese buffet the food there was out of this world. After the good lunch we went to the playhouse theatre to see ‘Tonight’s the Night’ which was amazing.

  7. On Wednesday the 19th of February xl4 went to Edinburgh dungeons and the playhouse theatre. Edinburgh dungeons was a great experiance and I enjoyed it. After the dungeons went went to Jimmy Chungs chinese buffet. To top it off we went to the playhouse theatre to see “tonights the night”.

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