Fifth & Sixth Year Information Evening

Many thanks to everyone who came along to the information evening which was very well attended. Mrs Sinclair welcomed everyone, handing over to Mrs Mulholland who gave a very informative presentation about the new exams, options, wider achievements and opportunities for pupils in fifth and sixth year. Handouts were also distributed to parents and carers.

One of our school captains, Stephen Ross, spoke about his experiences in Our Lady’s High School. He gave a very animated and entertaining account of his time in school and encouraged parents to ensure that their children make the most of opportunities offered to them. He talked about his time at CERN in Switzerland, the CARITAS programme, volunteering in Bothwellpark High School as well as his parish.¬† He also talked about the importance of study and how difficult but how worthwhile it is. He was very well recived indeed.

Mr Martin, PT Pupil Support, advised the parents and carers on study, supporting their children, the options interviews and the importance of wider achievements: while universities, colleges and employers are looking for qualifications, they are also looking for well rounded young people with skills in a number of areas.

Careers Adviser, Ruth Robertson, spoke about her work in the school, explaining the work of Skills Development Scotland and introduced the My World of Work website.

(Needs Powerpoint to view)


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