Letter from Parent Council

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Parent Council
Our Lady’s High School
Dalzell Drive

12th March 2014

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Consultation on new Denominational Secondary School, with an associated merger of
Our Lady’s High School and Taylor High on a campus incorporation Bothwellpark High at Ravenscraig

As you will now be aware the consultation by North Lanarkshire Council on a new denominational high school is now underway.

You will have received details of the proposal last week, as all pupils were issued with a copy of this to take home.

The Parent Council have read this proposal and have raised a number of questions with North Lanarkshire Council as we do not think we have been provided with enough information to enable us to respond to the consultation. We would like to share these questions with you and find out if you have any further questions, issues or concerns you would like us to raise on your behalf.

In order to find out your views on this proposal and to provide you with further information we invite you to attend a meeting with the Parent Council at the school on Wednesday 19th March at 7pm. This meeting will provide us with the opportunity to discuss the proposal and prepare further questions we might have for North Lanarkshire Council in advance of the public meeting taking place in the school on 24th March.

We would appreciate your attendance at this meeting, as the Parent Council must represent all of you in our response to the consultation. We can only do this if you share your views with us.

We look forward to seeing you next week for this meeting on:

Wednesday 19th March 2014 at 7pm at Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell

If you wish to provide any feedback outwith this meeting, ask any questions or discuss any matter relating to the consultation, please contact Donna Burnett (Parent member of the Parent Council) at donnaburnett@blueyonder.co.uk or on 07944 659965.

Yours faithfully

Donna Burnett

pp. Suzanne Graham (Chairperson)

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