XL3 Reeltime Music Project

Report by XL3

Last October we went to Cumbernauld Theatre to try out different activities for our XL3 Arts and Employability project.

On the day we split up into groups with other schools and participated in animation, streetart and music. We all like music and thought making a song would be good fun so we decided to go with Reeltime.

Over Christmas we thought about which songs we would like to record. In January we came back to school with ten possible songs. We used dotmocracy to eliminate songs until we had only two left. Dotmocracy is a process in which you put a dot beside your preferred song. Two songs had five dots each so we went through the same process again and we ended up with ‘Skyscraper ‘ by Demi Lovato.

Mr Kay invited Nicola Hall, a student of musical theatre, in to help us with our singing and confidence in performing. Nicola told us all about singing techniques and warm ups. But most importantly she believed in us which made us feel happy, gave us confidence and made us believe in ourselves.

We read through the lyrics which gave us ideas for which theme to use for the video to accompany the song. One idea was about someone dying but we decided instead to go with male victims of domestic abuse. We decided to have a woman who was a secret alcoholic who fell in love with someone but then started to abuse him while under the influence of alcohol.

To help us with the process of filming we developed a storyboard to tell the tragic story and to help us with the locations. We only had a short time to film it so the storyboard was a great organisational tool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the 4th March 2014, Reeltime came into Our Lady’s to help us with the production of the music and the video. We were under a lot of pressure to get the video filmed and the song recorded in only two and a half hours. Reeltime said that we were

“one of the most prepared schools they had worked with”

We all took responsibility for a certain role:

  • Assistant Director: Sean
  • Assistant Producer: Dylan
  • Cameraman: Daniel
  • Runner: Christian
  • Clapper: Kieran
  • Photographer: Shane
  • Props: Carriemarie
  • Actors: Kieran, Nicole, Carriemarie and Dylan
  • Extras: Mr Kay and anyone else who was around at the time

Reeltime also stated that Sean “was one of the best and most enthusiastic assistant directors”  and they were very happy that we all knew our individual roles.

Reeltime are now producing the video and the music which will be presented at an evening celebration in a local high school on Wednesday April 2nd. At the event all the participating schools will be there along with parents, carers and friends.

We are looking forward to seeing the final result of all our work, but nervous at the same time.


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