Netball: Staff 11: Pupils 10

Report by Miss Simpson

The charity staff v pupil netball match to raise funds for Lenten Charities took place at lunchtime on Thursday 21st March.  It was a closely fought out game however the staff were victorious, narrowly winning by 11 goals to 10. 2014_0321_photo2

The pupils made a very bright start to the match and took the lead by two goals to nil before Mrs McNeish sunk a double to make the game all square.  The pupils then dominated the next passage of play and with some excellent passing and accurate shooting they stretched their lead to a comfortable 7-2.  The teachers faces said it all!! 2014_0321_photo8

Substitutes were made and the staff settled into their game.  Through some excellent linking play between Mrs King, Mr Brogan, Mr MacMaster and Miss Simonini the staff found themselves all square at 8-8. 2014_0321_photo4

The next passage of play was very tight with alternate teams taking their chances well until the score was levelled at 10-10.  The clock was ticking and both teams knew that one mistake could cost them the game. 2014_0321_photo6

Through some slick passing from the staff team Mr Brogan found himself in front of the goal and shooting to take the lead when Darren O’Brien had what can only be described as a rush of blood to the head and deliberately shook the goal post which resulted in the shot which was undeniably going to be a goal rebound off the rim! There was a huge gasp from the crowd! A foul was called and Mr Brogan had a free shot on goal.

Could he keep his nerve?……………………………..2014_0321_photo7

Of course he could and converted to take the score to 11-10 to the staff.  Seconds later the final whistle blew and the staff had won the match!!!

Huge thank you to all the staff and senior pupils who volunteered to play. It was a lot of fun and everyone played fantastic!  A special mention must go to the pupils’ team for an absolutely excellent whole team performance.  Their fast, accurate passing, movement off the ball and sharp shooting pushed the staff team to their limit and at times left them scratching their heads.  Another special mention must go to Chantelle Laughlin for her excellent shooting and Louise Bradshaw and Logan Wilson for their solid defending.

Also a huge thank you must go to the girls from the S1/2 netball team who gave up their lunchtime to help with the running of this event, to the girls from Higher PE who put the pupil team together, and to those who came and showed their support enabling us to raise money for charity.

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